Testing....Testing.....Hello? -Before activating.


Caretaker herself.

Caretaker is a puppet made of scrap metals and an old Puppet model, created as a guardian of Snowflake Munroe. She appears almost the same as the regular Puppet, but with muti-colored suit scraps built in and brighter colors than a regular model.


As a small gift for Mangled Emy and Xavier Munroe, Lucy made plans for a small, portable animatronic puppet for the couple to use to help take care of Snowflake, so they could do more things and still have her get taken care of. While being created, Hollow attempted to take the animatronic to have a new member of the Manifest, but Lucile warded him off and she was finally created, with her protecting Snowflake with her life.


Caretaker doesn't have much of a personality outside of being loyal to Xavier and ME, in addition to being very caring towards Snowflake, because she wasn't built with one.

Special Relations

Shredcut and Smash-While CT knows they mean no harm, she still is very protective of Snowflake around these two due to their potential to harm her. She sometimes lets Smash's A.I near her, but that's the extent of her relations to her.

Lucy Smith-She is one of the only people she talks to, considering she created her. Lucy often checks on her condition and performance, fixing anything wrong and making sure she knows what her job is.

King Pin and Balla-They will occasionally see each other, and while not friends, Caretaker respects them, due to Mangled Emy's wish of letting Snowflake into the Pin family.


-As Snowflake is growing up, her functions change. For example, when she is a lot older, an emergency tazer can be used to shock any attackers. She currently has a few functions, such as a music box to put Snowflake to sleep.

-Lucile's signature can be found behind her mask, along with 'LK\LS Engineering'. LK Engineering is a trademark of Lindsay that Lucy added as tribute. It can also be found in her coding.

-A back-up of her coding is hidden in a hard drive in her endoskeleton head, that way, if she dies, she can still be alive in another form.

-When not in use or when tired, CT folds herself into a bag, given to ME and Xavier by Lucy.


Step away, before I hurt you.-A danger near Snowflake.

Miss Smith. I am serving Ms. Munroe well, did Xavier and Mangled Emy tell you? -To Lucile, when the she checks up on her.

##Caretaker V3.5, created by LS/LK Engineering to serve Snowflake Munroe
 if action(protect)== true
 raise left_arm_gun
 locate Assialiant
 locate Snowflake
 action (hug)
 action (comfort)
if action(shoot)== true
action(pull trigger 1)
action(pull trigger 2)
del action(shoot)
if action(comfort)== true
say(comforting line bank 1 tone= soothing)
##Still discovering data

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