Catsi is an animatronic introduced in Five Nights at Foxtail's. Catsi is an animatronic but it is damaged very badly. Catsiis dismantles in a similar fashion as The Mangle. Catsi is a female animatronic too which is 



pretty obvious due to appearence. Catsi is alos somehow still connected but the endoskeleton cannot stand so she drags herself in the box with her hands. She never leaves the box because it acts as a form of a suit or protection. 


catsi is a very quiet girl. She never really talks to the animatronics as much but she usually talks Foxtail and he talks to her too. She also talks to Peggy too but it's usually just about girl stuff.  Rumours say that they're nearing a relationship in which they are very close. noone really knows but she talks to the animatronics about how they're doing but nothing else usually.



She is very close to Foxtail. Foxtail seems to be her best friend and they usually talk privatly. Noone knows what they say but if Foxtail doesn't share it then it's something really personal. Like said before, Foxtail is a very social guy so it's unusual that he does that.


Sometimes she talks to Peggy but she is the second person she talks to the most. Peggy listens to Catsi all the time but it's never something EXTREMLY personal but it sometimes is. Since Peggy is the only girl animatronic, Catsi would talk to her about her problems with things or about how scared she is to have such a big change. Since Peggy was a girl, she understood Catsi's problems. 


Catsi doesn't like Fredrick but she doesn't hate him. They never really talk to eachother. Fredrick is private too but he's always planning his own things. There isn't  much to say but their awkward conversations trying to end themselves. Catsi never wants to talk to Fredrick and neither does Fredrick but there is always that one time where they are wound up in a conversation trying to end it soon as possible.

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