"Yeah... She's violent, even towards most other animatronics. All the kids enjoy her, and she's fine with them. But, with adults and others, she'll just stare and stare. On the negative side, she is attracted to light. On the plus side, she only comes into the office if you have been around Elinor, or if you shine the flashlight down the hall. She also keeps other animatronics away from the office.

Phone Guy, Mentioning Catty.

Catty is featured in The game Violence at Best, and Violence at Best: New and Old, and Violence at Best: Never Again.


Catty is a female cat animatronic. She is light grey in color, with grey-green eyes. Like most other animatronics, she is bipedal. Catty has a movable tail, that swings around as she walks. The inside of her ears are purple. Catty's voice is rough, feminine, and scratchy. She will say, "Die", "You", "Elinor?" or "Hello!". Her nose is bright yellow. Her head is smaller than other animatronics.

In Violence at Best: New and Old, Catty is replaced by Toy Catty. She went through the most drastic changes. Her ears are missing, and her stomach ripped, reavealing her endoskeleton. She is missing her eyes, and her left arm and leg, reavealing more endoskeleton. Her mouth is stuck open.

In Violence at Best: Never Again, Catty is again drastically changed. Half of her is ripped off, causing her to do something insane. Catty has seemed to rip apart the animatronics, for she can be seen nights 2-6, and on night 1, her laugh and animatronic screams can be heard, along with the tearing of metal. Her left eye is Toy Freddy's, right eye Mangle's, and her legs are Bonnie's. She seems to be wearing Old Freddy's bow tie.


Catty starts on the show stage, with her drumsticks in the air. Staring at her for to long will cause her to screech and move. Once you turn away from the stage, however, Catty will come back, in a position that looks like she's throttling Freddy.

Her way of attacking is to lean over the desk and stare at the player for 20 seconds. Then, she will violently thrash her head and quickly move away from the player, before slowly extending her claws to the player's throat.

In Violence at Best: Never Again, this changes. She will sprint at the player, although stops in front of the desk. She will then quickly extend her claws, leading to static. In the static, you can hear laughter, and what sounds like something being torn open. Soon after, the death screen will show. The Catty death screen will be Catty staring over a suit, her claws raised to its eyes. This could be you in an empty suit, being tortured by her.

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