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This is Catzy


Catzys human inside her is Madison Madison was 12 when stuffed and was great friends with dominick even to the point of her being his girl friend


Catzy is a pyschopath like dominick like this they both like red but Catzy is constantly with Dominick. Catzy has a weapon like Dominick instead of a hidden blade she has a katana but she doesn't show it much. Catzy also uses the drums when she plays songs with Dominick!


Catzy is in love with Dominick

Catzy is friends with all of dominicks friends


Catzy is with dominick 24/7

Catzy has a katana

Catzy looks like a wolf but she's actually a cat

Most people say catzy is terrifying

Catzy loves yarn

Catzy can sing like a angel

Catzy utterly hates golden dominick 

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