"Name's Cecilia, the end and the time of you life!"
Cecilia Goldsmith, Agent #002, is one the eight agents that works with Majestic Services, an agency dedicated to protecting animatronics and humans. She appears wearing a blue dress, blonde hair, green eyes, and black shoes.


During one of Blacky's missions, he was assigned to storm a weapons factory proven to be supplying to criminals. During the shoot out, one of the weapon workers shot the former #002, killing him. When medics came to help any survivors, Cecilia, who was working at the factory, was give medical assitance and eventually initiated as an agent. Blacky and Cecilia became great friends, going on lots of missions together.


Cecilia is very sassy and sarcastic towards all people, but she is a very good agent and works hard to get rid of her past as a weapons dealer.

Special Relations

Rainbow Man: Also a former criminal-turned hero, while the two never met, Cecilia wants to meet him.

Meredith: Due to the both being lively by nature, they got along just fine, even if there is the occasional fight.

Golden Lindsay: She seems to have a strange sense of pity for him, similair to how Blacky somehow feels sympathy somehow for him.

Lindsay, Amity, and Rosette: She seems distant around these 3 for a reason to be revealed sometime in the future.

Games She's In


  • Cecilia was a scrapped Kingsland sister with blue hair, brought back to life when Majestic Services was created as Blacky's friend and assistant.
  • She has records of every animatronic's incidents involving harming customers. The record for The Chef are unusually high, a reference to him accidently feeding human flesh to customers.


"Ah, the new one! Let's not have a misfire, huh, rookie?" -Meeting #008 in CC: DEM.

"So the murder victim was stabbed 32 times in the chest...Sounds like your luck, Blacky."


No pictures of Cecilia exist yet.

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