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Know what you're doin', mate, my copartner Springtrap is watchin' you.
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Cerastes is one of the secondary antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's Nightmare. He's a mix of a cerastes and a rhombic egg eater. He's normally green but change colours at will.

Originally an animatronic in Fredbears Family Diner, after the diner's discontinuation, Cerastes was left to rot in the Storage Room, where he met Springtrap. The two became great friends. After Springtrap was found by The Killer/Purple Man, Cerastes hid behind the arcade cabinets. He saw how Purple Guy took control of his best friend. Cerastes, droven by revenge, attempted to escape out of the Storage Room, but failed, until he and Springtrap were found by humanity. He was present in Fazbear's Fright as well, and when the attraction burnt down, Cerastes and Springtrap, who both survived, were both auctioned off on a jumble sale to Fritz Smith. Fritz Smith sold Springtrap to Freddy Fazbears Pizza (which had a reopening) and kept Cerastes as entertainment for his kids.

Cerastes is one of the secondary antagonists in the game. His starting location is random, although he mostly starts at the Kitchen or the Scullery. From 3.00 onwards, he and Ghariator replace S. Chica and S. Bonnie and start moving. He starts moving on Night 2. He always comes from the window. Shining the Flashlight in his creeped eyes will trigger his jumpscare. Cerastes is the one who killed Phone Kid, as well the one that sent the Night 6 Phone Call. He's working for Plushtrap/Salvage, thinking it's Springtrap.

His jumpscare looks like Nightmare Freddy's jumpscares from FNaF 4, but he makes a hissing sound.

Cerastes is playable in this game. More TBA

If you want to use Cerastes, ask it's creator for permission.

Character Information
Known as Cerastes
Species Cerastes, rhombic egg eater
Gender Masculine
Color Green, can change colour into any colour he desires.
Occupation Animatronic entertainer
Starting location Random, mostly starts his path in the Kitchen or Scullery
Status Alive and well

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