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Chainsaw is an antagonist in Five Nights at Seth's 2.  
Chainsaw new art

Chainsaw as he will soon appear

In game

Chainsaw is an old ghostly purple animatronic that appears in Cam 07, it is shown that he has many rips in his body and unlike the other animatronics he has purple eyes.


Chainsaw will appear in Cam 07, he will be shown standing in the corner while deactivated. After several minutes, he will then make his way to Cam 05 and will stare at the camera and then proceeds to Cam 03. He will finally appear in the office window, if not noticed he will attack the player and end the night.


  • His model is similar to Blueman.
  • He is the second character to be showing himself in the window, the other being Ravage.


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