Charles "Charlie" Rogers is a 32 year old British pilot who serves under The Hybrid Empire.He currently serves under the Air Force in The Hybrid Empire.


Charles lived at a town far north-west.He lived a good life with his friends,Jacob,Josef,Alexander,and Daniel.But when The Hybrid Empire captured his town,he found interest in joining the Air Force,along with his friends.He left the Air Force for a short brake,but when Emperor Hybrid Bonnie called for him and his friends to come back,he followed,but not after losing both his legs in a car accident,and having to replace them.After defending some of the settlements the Hybrid Empire has captured,he retired again,having to go to the hospital after his plane caught fire,but he came back after a few weeks.

He is skilled in guns and flying a fighter jet,and he owns a Panavia Tornado IDS.He is considered by the Air Force,Army,and even the emperors themselves,as an important member of the Air Force,along with his friends.


He has brown hair,blue eyes,and wears a British pilot uniform.His pants cover his animatronic legs he had after the car accident.He has an AK-47 on his back,always ready to fire if needed,has two Desert Eagles clipped to his belt,and has an earpiece in his pocket.


Charles is a kind,friendly person to people in the Air Force,Army,and Hybrid Empire,but is fierce and dangerous to his enemies.He is determined to defeat his enemies and is loyal to his country and friends.

Special Relationships

Hybrid Emperors:He shows a great respect for them,although he thinks they can be a bit bossy at some times.

Jacob:He likes Jacob alot,as he is Charles's best friend,although he can find him a bit annoying.

Josef:He likes and even shows a little respect for Josef,as he is skilled in guns and taking down the enemy.

Alexander:He likes Alexander,although does not talk to him as much as the others,probably because Alexander sometimes talks about things Charles isn't interested in.

Daniel:He likes Daniel alot,as a second best friend,although he also can find him annoying sometimes.

General West:He likes and respects West alot,but,like the emperors,can also find him bossy sometimes.

(if you want to one of your OC's to have a relationship with Charles,just ask in the comments!)


"TAKE THEM DOWN!!!"-Charles when battling

"Really,(person's name),really?-Charles when someone does something silly

"Check,check with Charles?"-Charles testing his earpiece

"Are you sure they're alright?That was a pretty big fall"-Charles to Jacob after some soldiers fall down from a helicopter


  • He has animatronic legs due to the accident
  • He is his creator's first ever human OC
  • His name and pilot status was inspired from a character from the Henry Stickmin series
  • He was originally going to be a helicopter pilot but that made him too similar to the character he is based off
  • It is unknown if he has ever heard of Freddy Fazbears Pizza,because he was only 2 years old when the restaurant opened

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