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Charlie The Thing is an Animatronic made by me, DeadlyTeddyBear009.

Charlie the Thing

What Charlie Looks Like

Charlie is an Animatronic that is at Teddy's Ice Cream Shop. Charlie knows he's an animatronic and constantly tries to kill Freddy Fazbear to win popularity for his shop.

He is supposed to look like a monster, and will constantly harass Freddy and the gang. He frequently makes fake calls to the pizzeria to distract them and will sneak in when everyone is gone to mess up the place.


Emmyness - His friend, he doesn't let her know he harasses Fazbear's pizzeria because he knows she's a big fan.

Alex the Shadow - The Brawn of the operation usually flirting with the female animatronics to distract them. His friend.

Teddy - Friends with him, one of the only humans to know that the animatronics are alive.

Teddy Bear - His friend, though they disagree about what he's doing.

Future the Robot - The brains (in this case the smart one that leads the missions from the "control room").

Past the Robot - Leader of field missions, his friend.

Present the Present - Spy, friend.

Present the Robot - Friend


Hates Freddy to death.

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