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"You have reached Parts and Services."
The following page is currently under construction. That means some things featured may not be final and will be edited in future. This could also mean you can request ideas in the comments or edit the page if allowed. However, it's best to ask to edit the page, or check if the page has a "public" template.

Cg:SB Is a 2D Chicagirl Fighting game for WII U. for a diffrent wiki,Credit to tonic for hotel images

Plot Edit

N.Bonnie:geezes! this is Borr-innng!

N.Fredddy:yeah,Theis gatta be SOMETHING to do.

Freddle 1:You got it pops.


N.Freddy:Hey!Look!I have a magic wand!


N.Freddy:I gotta Idea! How about we make everyone fight eacthother,Including us!

Plushtrap:Thats a Great idea!

N.Freddy:Oh mighty magic wand,Please make everyone fight!

N.Foxy:Awsome! lets battle yall!

Stages Edit

Minigames Edit


A 8 bit stage Wich changes to diffrent minigames overtime,From Fredbears 4 to BB's air adventure!

Office Edit


A Small Office with the doors occasionly closing and opening

Office 2

Office 2 Edit

A office wich randomly lights up a spot,The mask will sometimes be worn and block most of the area while the old animatronics will randomly apear and cause a event.

Fighters Edit







Toy freddy






Unlockable Edit









Awsome austin

Unlocking critcra Edit

NAme How 2 unlocjk
N.Freddy Complete Classic mode
N.Bonnie Complete Classic Mode as N.Freddy
N.Chica Win A Online match
N.Foxy Complete Classic Mode on Nightmare Difficulty
P.Trap Complete Classic mode On Nightmare Difficulty as Springboy
Nightmare Win A online match as N.Freddy
N.Fredbear Complete the fazbear's tower mode
CC Complete the Fazbear's tower mode as the puppet
Awsome Austin Complete Classic mode on Nightmare difficulty with every character

Modes Edit

Brawl:Fight how you like it!

Classic:Complete waves of enimes on levels Easy,Normal,Hard and Nightmare!

Online mode:Well the name kinda says I-Fine! Play matches with frieands online!

Fazbear tower:Climb Fazbear hotel to defeat the evil ruler Taking over it!

Boss mode:Fight Bosses as you follow up to defeat the evil overlord!

Bosses is Boss mode Edit

Image NAme Desc.
7bniyki by fredbeartheanimatron-d8mxwno
W.freddy The Old version of freddy Fazbear
Withered chica switched with withered freddy by matgamer281-d8x80re
W.Chica The Old version of Chica
Withered bonnie cutscene fanmade by chini2003cool-d8t9l84
W.bonnie The Old version of bonnie
Untitled drawing by brandonwilson206-d9f4eqt
Untitled drawing by dahooplerzman-d8uzcxp
Untitled drawing by dahooplerzman-d9dbrmh
W.foxy The Old version of foxy
Withered x3 chica commission by fazboggle-d8ylnpn
Demolished Chica A more demolioshed version of chica
Shadow Bonnie A Shadow versiopn of toy bonnie
No background shadow freddy by gamerhour74-d8ws621
Shadow freddy A Shadow version of freddy
15 - 1 (2)
N.W.Bonnie The Nightmare Version of Withered Bonnie
Phantom toy bonnie by apprenticehood-d8o2ypg
Phantom Toy Bonnie The Phantom version of Toy Bonnie
Nightmare shadow bonnie by codeluigi-d8ywunl
Mirror A misterious Nightmare Animatronic
Nightmare puppet v2 by emrileyson-d98p8e7
Demolick puppet The NIghtmare version of the puppet
Nightmare in fnaf 1 with sharp teeth by sonicthedashie-d90wlc4

Gallery Edit

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