Part 1

Another day at the academy isn't so bad. It does seem, however, that the girls are all fired up unlike usual days. They have clearly sped up to the top, including Mangle. They still do what they do well, but they are going WAY too fast! Springtrap noticed this and talked with them individually. All the girls had to respond with is "lots of energy". Springtrap nods in understanding and responds, "You girls need to calm down and slow down, going fast will make you hurt yourselves." So the girls went off together to calm down, Toy Bonnie got interested and tailed after them without being seen. However, he was too late, Golden Freddy was in front of him. "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?" He roars, taking Toy Bonnie back to the class. "Thank you, Golden Freddy. I was won-" Golden Freddy had already left. The bell then rings out, and the girls return and head off to take a break. Something is going on. Something very suspicious.

Part 2

Near halfway done with the day, the girls are still going fast, but a tiny bit slower. A big thump is heard in the hall. "OW!" Shouts the innocent BB. "What was that for?" The one who hit him, Foxy, snarled. "Stay outta my way. I'm not in the mood to deal with you." BB dashes away, tears in his eyes, straight to Mangle. Toy Freddy is behind Foxy. "Not cool, Foxy." He begins. "You better keep that hook of yours down, or you know what'll get you." Foxy whips around and pins Toy Freddy to the floor. "YOU. I NEVER FORGET YOU, AND YOUR ANNOYING VOICE!" Foxy attempts to bite Toy Freddy, but is abruptly stopped by an odd feeling on his ear. He looks left and right, to find Toy Chica, happy to see him. "You OK, Foxy?" She asks. "And what's with Freddy?" Foxy sighs. "Let's just.. Go." Foxy walks off, Toy Chica leaving him to be alone. She helps Toy Freddy up. "You OK?" Toy Freddy's eyes are black with white dots. "Just fine... This is all I need.." He growls. "Just leave me be, Chica. He'll get it stone cold."

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