Chicko the Duck
Some attributes
First Eats food .
Second Internally a Demon
Third Known to mistake humans for Endoskeletons
Other attributes


Unlike what the name suggests, Chicko the Duck is actually a chicken. He has a rounded head with messy shoulder-length hair. He wears a tattered, light gray bib with black letters that reads "Let's Play!!". He has orange chicken-like feet with little stubby white claws. Instead of a darker yellow colored eyelids, that most would guess, Chicko has red eyelids for unknown reasons. Chicko is also made of hard plastic, similar to the toy animatronics.


Five Nights at Freddy's: The Toys Return

Chicko starts moving in night 3,but is far more active in night 4. His starting point is the Dining Area , the only room without audio. Chicko then goes to the Show Stage, replacing Bonnie's spot. After that, he continues into the Indoor playground. The rest of his path is predictable, Air vent, door, and finally to the office.

Chicko's Pizza Parlor

Chicko will start at the show stage, and go to Devilla's room. This will force you to play a jingle. From here, Chicko goes to your air vent.


As people, generally 5-12 year olds, liked to ship Chica x Foxy, the company got sick and tired of these ships. Eventually a rumor started, stating that Chica walked to Foxy's Closet in the night. This rumor crossed the line, so the company make a canon love interest to Chica, which would be known as Chicko.

Creation (IRL)

As DsFanboy was getting sleepy he thought of joining this wiki, but he was struggling with ideas. Eventually, he came up with Chicko the Duck


  • Chicko's original name was Chico.
    • This original name is Spanish for "boy".
  • He, and Toy Freddy from FNaf 2, are the only animatronics that move to the show stage.
  • He has no palms.
    • This is because of the new endoskeleton design.
      • However,the reused animatronics still have the old endoskeleton from the late 1900's.
  • His beak has gotten bigger with every redesign.
  • He had red eyelids.
  • Though he is called a duck,he has NO webbed feet.
  • He was the first animatronic by DsFanboy.
  • Chicko has gotten a total of 3 redesigns.
  • Chicko is actually a real animatronic with no human flesh, not counting the dead bodies he likes to eat.

Personal and not-in-game stuff

  • He has gotten into a fight and lost his endoskeleton teeth. He then got new ones.
  • He chose Chica over toy Chica,because he didn't care about looks, he cared about personality (canon story).
  • He can be a big derp, but don't get him onto combat mode...
  • Despite his friendly appearance, he is actually possessed by a demon, leaving him to randomly cut himself at times.
    • This demon has been calmed down for now.


  • Chicko originally had a Mohawk,leather jacket,and black sun glasses.This got changes to make him look less serious.
  • In the v 1.3 uptate of FNAF:TTR, his bib is less peach-colored and more white.
  • His beak was changed to be more "flexible" and easier to frown.
  • His hair can grow like a person,so expect him to be a yellow gorilla soon :I.


  • "I like pizza"- all his math answers
  • "Friendship is more important than life"- After Mangle asks why he  has scratches on his face.
  • "Oh no,this knife is real!"- after Foxy questions where he got that halloween costume.
  • " have a knife,you are pointing it at me,and you are the most dangerous animatronic ever.What are you planning here?"- During Nightmare's "sleepover".


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