The date: December 25th 1997

Mike was in his office, playing about with the cameras. His gift this year from Fazbear entertainment: Unlimited Power (For a day). Mike pulled down the monitor and checked the lights, seeing Bonnie. "Hey Mike! Merry Chr- Chr- Christmas, buddy!" Bonnie said

"Bah-humbug!" Mike said "I don't wanna be wished a Merry Christmas by a stupid robot!" Mike shut both the doors and dozed off.

In his dream, Mike was on the showstage. "Why on earth am I here?" He asked himself.

"Because I need to show you the past..." replied a voice

Mike was shooken "Who- who's there? Show yourself!"

Toy Freddy appeared in front of Mike "Mike, I am the animatronic of Christmas past..." He said

Mike looked confused for a moment "No... you're that old version of Freddy from ten or so years ago... what was it? Toy Freddy?"

The animatronic of Christmas past shook his head "I am merely taking on a form more similar to your current surroundings..." He replied "Now look, down at the Dining area." The animatronic of Christmas past pointed towards the Dining area.

"Is that... me?" Mike asked

"Yes... look how happy you were as a child..." The animatronic of Christmas past replied

Mike looked at his younger self, surprised at how carefree he used to be in this place. Bonnie walked up to him and young Mike gave Bonnie a hug.

"Do you see how much you used to love these animatronics?" The animatronic of Christmas past asked

"I do..." Mike replied, he turned to the animatronic of Christmas past. The animatronic of Christmas past nodded

"Farewell, Mike Schmidt" it said

"Wait, don't leave me here! No don't go- damn it..." Mike said. Suddenly, his surroundings changed to a much darker showstage. "Ugh, where am I now?" He aksed

Freddy Fazbear appeared before Mike "I am the animatronic of Christmas present..." He said

"Oh! Christmas presents? I love them!" Mike said

The animatronic of Christmas present sighed "No, I am the animatronic of the present time, not of Christmas presents..."

Mike blushed "Oops, sorry"

The animatronic of Christmas present pointed to the stage "This is what is currently happening..."

Mike could see Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Freddy sitting at the showstage sharing a small pizza slice between each other "I would've brought more but..." Bonnie sighed "Mike has all the food...."

"No! Bonnie! Just open the doors! I can get some for you! I'm right here!" Mike shouted, Bonnie couldn't hear him

"He can't hear you..." The animatronic of Christmas present said

"No! But I want to help them!" Mike shouted

The animatronic of Christmas present turned to him "Do you really?" He asked

Mike was about to reply, but was then whisked away to the backstage, he saw a Freddy Fazbear suit with eyes popping out the mask in front of him "No... that can't be..." Mike said, remembering Phone Guy's first message "The only thing that'd likely see the the light of day again would be your eyeballs and teeth, that pop out the front of the mask, heh"

Golden Freddy appeared behind Mike "Oh, but it is..."

Mike turned around "No, not you..."

"I am the animatronic of Christmas future..." He replied

"What do you want from me?" Mike asked

"To show you what will happen if you keep rejecting them..." The animatronic of Christmas future replied, his voice sounding whispy

Mike stared at the suit for a moment "No... I'm great at this job.... t-this would never happen to me!"

The animatronic of Christmas future stared at Mike "This happens..." He says

Mike blinks and the whole scenery changes, he sees himself constantly checking the west hall corner, almost asking Golden Freddy to kill him. "No!" Mike screamed "Don't do it!"

His future self couldn't hear him and continued to try and make Golden Freddy appear

The animatronic of Christmas future stared at the ground for a moment "If you don't want it this way... you can... S.A.V.E.T.H.E.M" The animatronic of Christmas future disappeared and Mike woke up

Mike opened the doors and ran to the showstage with a large pizza "Merry Christmas everyone!" He shouted

The four on the stage turned to him and smiled "This won't be such a bad Christmas after all!" Bonnie said

The End.


By Gaomon332

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