Chuck the Rat is a male antagonist animatronic rat that was a part of the Ride of Fright Attraction at the Haunted Amusement Park, along with Jazz the Fox, and Shocktrap. Like his friends, Chuck experienced harsh treatment, but, since he and Shocktrap came much later, they weren't in very bad condition like their friend Jazz.

Appearance and Color

Chuck is a huge, fat, rat with grey, ratty fur, lighter grey fur on his belly, and rustic pink inside his ears, on his tail, his paws, and his feet. His rat paws and feet have small, black claw tips. His eyes are black dots and thick black lines run around his eyes. He has messed up whiskers on his pointed snout and his teeth are shaped like that of rat teeth, flat and square shaped. His tail is as long as his height, which is a foot smaller than Jazz, and is used for grabbing/squeezing/dragging objects. The tip of his nose is round and pink.


Chuck, though not as crazy as Jazz, has a delicate sense of mind. For example, if his friends, himself, or their current situation gets too intense, he'll get set off like a bomb. He does, however, know how to think thing's through, and especially when it's needed the most.

Chuck has deep feelings for Jazz, and will gladly follow her lead and do as she asks, regardless of her deceptive and crazed nature. He can't stand it when he sees her hurting or distressed.



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