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Cissee is an animatronic snake performing at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. Her occupation was a snake performer, but now her stage is abandoned and she lurks away under the sand. Cissee has a active camo device attached to her.


Cissee is a dark-green snake animatronic that wears a black, sandy desert cloak. She also has a black bow on her head. She keeps herself in perfect condition using resources obtained from the Animatronic Kingdom.


Cissee is very shy, preferring to hide away from everyone. This makes it difficult for anyone to befriend her. Like the rest of the Animatronic Kingdom gang, she obeys Phobe




All praise the inhaling lord of burritos. Phobe is pretty much the only person Cissee talks to. Not that she has a choice or anything.






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  • Cissee is the first female character Vinny made.
  • Her official title is "The Fashionable One". (Even if she doesn't apply that to herself.)

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