"Fredbear says: To the Halloween Update Backstage you go."
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Clarissa, credit to The lovely Foxstar for the pic. :)

"I went from human female engineer, to animatronic, to master of an army...My life is a bad drug trip....But a nice one, at that!"
Clarissa is a human girl animatronic, originally used in Fredbear's Family Diner and saved from scrapping by the Cutting Crew. She wears a white shirt with a blood stained heart in the middle, long orange hair, brown eyes, and brown pants.


An engineer at Fredbear's until she discovered Purple Guy's killings and was murdered, Clarissa was Yellow's sister as a human, Mariah Smith, and a very popular animatronic at the old attraction; sadly, she was never reused or even remodeled for the restaurant that soon followed.

Discovering the suit, The Chef and some of the CC rescued Clarissa, realizing her potential power and to help a fellow animatronic. Instating her as a Warmaster for the Militia, Clarissa now fights for the people who rescued her.


Before she knew her past, Clarissa seemed to be stuck in a daymode; naive to Freddy Fazbear's past and the animatronics' dark secret. After it was revealed, she was in deep shock, but still happy and calm like her old self.

Special Relations

Springtrap- There is a wierd relationship between the two; Clarissa was murdered by Purple, who eventually was stuffed into Spiringtrap, an animatronic she performed with; they seem on okay terms, maybe even loving terms.

Fozie- He treats her like a sister, considering she has the Fazbear name on stage. She likes being accepted by him, so they are friends.

Foxy Mark 4- The two are both scrapped suits saved by Chef, and they often work together on missions.

Deadbear- He is trying to manipulate her into joining his conquest. She is resilent, however, and hates him, even if she did used to perform with him.

Springfield- They are real, real close.


Claire is non-hostile; she pops up ocassionally to stare at the player. No animatronics can appear while she is looking at you, so she is considered a helpful asset and should be encouraged to move towards the office. You can lure her with Audio systems, and she will appear in a random doorway and rarely, a hallway, completely sealing off a way to your office.


-While having no effect on gameplay, Clarissa's heart glows sometimes. Another thing she can do is wave at you from any room in the pizzeria; this also has no effect on gameplay, but she will never wave if an animatronic is in the room.

-A death minigame, "C14I3", shows a pixelated Mariah running from Purple Guy, with the Puppet watching. The Puppet lays the dead body of her into a Clarissa animatronic, and a hallucination with her endoskeleton eyes and parts of Mariah's body occurs.


-Debuts in Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina as one of the many protagonists.


-The idea for Clarissa was originally a little girl, with all the animatronics fighting over wether or not to kill her. This idea had flaws, though, so it was changed.

-She signed the journal she wrote as a human, during her naive, upbeat persona.

-Was in one of the very first projects the creator made, Fazbear Forever: The Infinite Night, as a sanity-regaining animatronic. It is unknown if she will return in the game once it is made.

-Her heart has magical capabilities: Whenever she feels a strong emotion, the heart glows and eventually locks into it's active mode, when Clarissa can use her powers. How exactly this was gained was unknown, but some say her love towards her brother mit have something to do with it.

-She is a magician, like Mad Jack, Deadbear, Armando The Amazing, etc.


"Now hold on, I'll decide where I wanna go!"-Lost Suit RP

"Does anybody know what's happening with this heart thing?"-On discover of her powers.

"Relax, I won't hurt you! Just shush and watch the cameras." -In a doorway.


"You have reached Parts and Services."
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