Claws is an animatronic made by RandomzSunfish23901. He's a dark green velociraptor who is Larry the Lizard's best friend.


Claws is a dark green velociraptor who has a very long tail and has three fingers. Claws also has sharp claws on his toes, though his sickle toe is way longer than the others. Claws wears a black and white sweater and wears black pants. He wears a black mask around his eyes. His concept and the way he dresses depicts him as a burglar. Despite this, he is Larry's best friend besides Pluto. He also despises Pluto for unknown reasons.


In the day, Claws often takes kids' presents and food, but gives it back right after. He is often seen sneaking as well. Despite his sneaky attitude, he is quite friendly and loves making people laugh. However, when someone is disrespecting him, he takes one of their possessions away and gives it back when they apologize.

In the nighttime, he is completely different. He turns vicious and ruthless and steals without giving it back. Claws is also very swift and will run out of his spot if the security guard shines a light on him. When he is not spotted, he will constantly sneak to the office. When he reaches the office, he may steal a random object in the office. If there is nothing left to steal, he will jumpscare the guard by clawing at the guard, forcefully removing his/her eyes with his sharp claws,


  • Claws is based off of real life velociraptors and their tendency to steal food from other dinosaurs.
    • His vicious nighttime behavior is based off of their vicious behavior.
  • Few animatronics ever notice Claws. When they do, he swiftly runs past them.
  • When you watch a room Claws is in, he may make badger-like growls or heavy breathing, probably knowing you're watching him.
  • If he comes across Larry in the middle of the night, he will chat with him. Here is some of their dialogue:
    • Claws: "Hey, Larry. What'cha doing?"
    • Larry: "Not much. Just chasing after the night guard."
    • Claws: "I'm doing the same. Now, if you excuse me- *swiftly runs away*"
  • If Claws comes across Pluto, he will attack him by climbing onto him, scratching and biting him.
    • After this, Pluto and Claws will appear damaged for the whole night, which means Pluto fought back.
  • If Claws comes across Mr. Slithers, he may mutter under his breath: "Creep..."
  • Claws has little to no friends whatsoever because of his tendency to steal from others and talk about them behind their backs.

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