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Clayton Randall Boss or Clayton R. Boss is an employee in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. He worked as the nightguard for 2 years, he was assistant manager for 8 years. He was then demoted due to a disaggreement over Air Quality. He now works as the janitor. He still stays overnight along with the nightguard cleaning up.



He is very gentle and peaceful. Even though he my look serious he is still a man with a heart of gold. The Animatronics dont EVER hurt him because of this. He is also nonviolent and never hurts anyone.


Gamer Guy

Gamer Guy was always Clayton's favorite character, he always watches over him carefully at night.

Lindsay Kingsland

Clayton has only met Lindsay once, he met her when she was crawlinh around at night and she was seen by Clayton, He told her he "meant no harm" but she almost killed him. He had compassion and forgave her (He didn't report her to the cops)


Clayton is friends with all nightguards

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