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"Hello hello? Umm, if your hearing this then you made it to night 3. Good job.... umm,just ,uh, just be careful recently. We've found a really old animatronic, and looks like it was meant for the first pizzeria, umm...and we started fixing it but when it was fixed it...ummm... it was incredibly violent, and nearly injured a member of the staff. Luckily, it ran off into the safe room.... It hasn't come out recently, but be careful. You won't see it while it's in there.... J-Just be careful, okay..." -Phone guy night 3


Sadistic, violent, corrupt, narcissistic, short-tempered, evil, will attack anyone that agitates him regardless of age or appearance he is ruthless and unmerciful


He is a wolf animatronic with dull crimson eyes. He wears a black top hat, black waistcoat with a white shirt underneath, he has a pocket watch coming from a pocket in his waist coat. He wears black pants and black steampunkish boots. He has bolts in the corner of his mouth letting him open a lot more than other animatronics, he usually attacks by biting at his victim's neck.


Originally he was made for a different company but there business was quickly out shined by the newly opened Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, the company started thinking of ways to be different from Freddy's so they started trying to make a new type of AI, one smarter than normal animatronics they tested on clockwork, unfortunately it failed and he started being very aggressive, they managed to shut him down, shortly after the company closed down, and clockwork was put in a storage unit, the storage unit was put up for auction, a bidder won it and sold the animatronic to the most popular restaurant at the time Freddy Fazbear's. They originally were gonna use him as an animatronic but he was still just as aggressive and attacked the employees, he was shut down and thrown in the safe room with springtrap. Many years later he was found and reactivated and the employees didn't manage to shut him down and he swiftly ran back to the safe room.


Clockwork is disliked by most people due to his overly aggressive and violent behaviour

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  • Is heavily based off the steampunk style