Cluckie is an animatronic hen made by RandomzSunfish23901. She gives gifts to kids.



Cluckie is a white hen. Being a hen, she has a red crown on her head and huge tailfeathers. Her wings are always in one position, either holding a present or holding a robotic egg. Most of the time, she carries an egg at night. The egg can hatch, and a yellow chick will pop out of the egg. In the day, when she's carrying the chick, it pops out and gives kids candy or small toys.


Being a hen, she is an overprotective type of hen. She always wants to keep her "egg" safe, especially from rough people like Pluto or Konton The Cat, as both may purposely destroy the egg. She also hates fights in the pizzeria, as those might start an immediate war. In the day, she's a pacifist who will never hurt anyone. At night, that's a completely different story.


Cluckie starts in the backstage, along with Larry the Lizard. Cluckie never tries killing you, but instead, she walks as close to the office as possible at a really slow speed. However, at some random time after 2:00, the egg she holds "opens" up, revealing a yellow chick with endoskeleton eyes. When the egg opens, the chick makes a beeline to your office, being way faster than Foxy. However, it can easily be stopped, but only if you have good timing. If you close the door at the right time, the chick will get smashed by the door, destroying it for the night.



  • Apparently, the workers realize that the chick tries killing you at night. Most of the time, they replace the chick when the door crushes it, as they have dozens of them in a closet.
  • Cluckie, despite being an overprotective animatronic, only stops animatronics from fighting, not kids.
  • It's unknown if this is true, but many debate that Cluckie knows Konton's plans for starting a war in the pizzeria. However, it's highly unlikely. Many people have speculations to why this may be true:
    • She always gets worried when she sees Konton, especially if he's egging on a fight.
    • When Konton starts a fight in the pizzeria, he just watches them instead of stopping them.
    • Most of the time, Cluckie will try to avoid Konton on all nights, whether it's to protect her egg or herself.
      • However, this has been proven false by the creator, and that she's just scared of him instead.
  • Cluckie can go inside the office, but she won't attack you. However, she stays in the office for the whole night, resulting in inescapable death.

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