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Cobalt Freddy

Cobalt Freddy is an animatronic cousin of Freddy Fazbear (and, by extension, MiB's Fozie Fazbear, I guess)


Cobalt Freddy looks like withered Freddy but with no rips or tears throughout his body. His fur is a light, passive blue, but his hat, which is a bowler hat, and bow tie are deep, sad blue. He also has cheeks like the toys, only they're blue too, and has phantom-like eyes, rather than costume eyes or endoskeleton eyes.


Cobalt Freddy used to have no personality, and a generic robot voice. But then, he got a chip from an insane engineer put into him, giving him a personality. This personality is british-voiced, and is slightly eccentric. He also seems to have a hatred for most fox animatronics, as many are pirates or other rude things. but there are some foxes he likes.


Freddy Fazbear - Freddy and Cobalt used to be pretty similar, until they got personality. Now, Freddy hates Cobalt deeply for some reason, and freddy disowned cobalt.

Foxy Pirate - As stated before, Cobalt hates pirate foxes. Foxy is no exception.

Bonnie Bunny - Cobalt and Bonnie are great friends because yes. (I dont even know)

Chica Chicken - Chica and Cobalt are even better friends than bonnie and cobalt because the kid that possessed chica loves the colour blue and she was really nice to him and he was nice to her.

Lindsay Kingsland - Ever since he laid eyes in her, he has loved her (when he saw her, she was covered in blood, but he fell in love that moment) he has never been able to show his love, because he can be very shy.

Fozie Fazbear - Cobalt and Fozie don't always get along, but when life falls apart, they are still family, and still take care of each other.

Ranbow Man- Sometimes, Cobalt hides above Rainbow Man, and dumps paint on him, because RM used to be a paint canvas for kids. RM doesnt like Cobalt because of this.



  • His endoskeleton is a spare Toy Chica endoskeleton.
  • He is programmed to play with children.
  • He was the creator's favorite OC at the time of his creation

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