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Cole The Hedgehog
Cole is an emo hedgehog. He doesn't talk very often.


Cole is a black emo hedgehog with red spikes. he has big silver eyes in the day and small in the night.


A kid named Cole was walking home from school. He was happening to be walking by Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and tripped on a rock. His troat was damaged during the fall which caused him to not being able to talk much. Purple Guy took the injured boy by the hand and led him into no other but the safe room. He the started to kill Cole with his trademark axe. He then stuffed the dead body into a hedgehog animatronic suit. In the day Cole the hedgehog does his normal things while in the night in the night, the ghost possesses him.


Despite not being able to talk much, Cole does have some pickup lines

Damn, User - When he sees someone with something cool.

Ya-as~ - when he is happy.

Aww~ - when he is upset.

EMOJI SPAM! - When putting alot of emojis in a text.


  • His withered conterpart's name is Kai
  • It is unknown how he is able to talk with a damaged throat.

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