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Commander Freddy is the face of the Commander Freddy's Pizza Galaxy restaurant that has the mission of killing the night guard.

Appearance Edit

Commander is a yellow bear with a silver spacesuit that covers his torso and legs. He also wears a light green space helmet that from time to time covers his head.

Personality Edit

Commander Freddy, like his original counter part, does nothing but try to kill the night guard. He has little conscious inside, mostly anger towards Ricky due to him getting on Commander Freddy's nerves.

Commander Freddy

Relationships Edit

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In-Game Edit

Five Nights in Space Edit

Strategy Edit

Commander Freddy is fairly easy to deal with. He will appear in the hallway in front of you when he is about to attack in the office, so putting on the mask before he comes in should fix it. If you don't flash the light or do anything when he is in the hallway, he will initiate his jumpscare. The only big problem would be that his speed progresses by a lot in the later nights,

Jumpscare Edit

Unlike previous games, when his jumpscare begins, you are not able to use the mask, monitor, doors, or lights. Once that happens, an eerie music will begin to play, and when it ends, he will jump out of the hallway, his space helmet missing.

Quotes Edit

"Hello there space explorers!"

"Where is that night guard hiding?"

"Black Hole, I have come in peace.."

"Have you seen that Alien Puppet? He is needing a beating!"

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