Readings from cards in the Employee Complaint Box from the 2017 Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

  • The kids are yelling at me because the Pizza is taking too long to cook.
  • The animatronics are glitching.
  • Kids complaining about the pizza sauce tasting different.
  • Turn the music down, it's too loud.
  • Problem with the slide at the Fazbear Fun Hall; kids are getting sick after going through.
  • Pizza still taking too long to cook.
  • Yesterday a man came in rambling about a man in a yellow Freddy suit. Today he came in again. Please make sure he doesn't come in anymore.
  • Music still too loud.
  • Kids still complaining about the Pizza Sauce; I tasted it for myself and it does taste funny.
  • Animatronics still glitching.
  • Sometimes the signs in the restaurant say "it's me"; please make sure the vandalist responsible for this is caught.
  • You have yet to turn down the music. Please do so.
  • Pizza Sauce too liquid-like.
  • Animatronics have started singing in deeper voices than before.
  • Music playing backwards now.
  • The man who rambled about the yellow Freddy came back today.
  • Animatronics in back room changed position.
  • Foxy's hook has been scaring the kids.
  • The Pizza Sauce is being splattered around the kitchen by someone.
  • It's me
  • Foxy left the Pirate Cove today, he seemed to go near this box.
  • Music is playing backwards and demented, as well as louder.
  • They couldn't.
  • Strange man dressed in purple came today.
  • Pizza still taking too long to cook as well as being sloppily made.
  • I found a yellow suit in the back room today. Yellow suit is covered in Pizza Sauce.
  • Pizza Sauce splattered in multiple areas; the splatters are not from kids running around.
  • Pizza does not exist
  • The "it's me" text is still being displayed.
  • Yellow Suit's head is coming off. Seems to have pizza sauce inside it for some reason.
  • Bonnie is now continuing to stare at me.
  • Music has stopped, however is replaced with a high-pitched hum.
  • Odd thing in the Dining Area now; animatronic endoskeleton made of many hands and an endoskeleton head; we don't know how it got here.
  • Remove the thing in the Dining Area.
  • Thing in the dining area was covered in Pizza Sauce today.
  • There are unspeakable horrors inside the Yellow Freddy.
  • Marionette tried to leave the basement today.
  • Police are bothering us employees.
  • Foxy displaying endoskeleton eyes.
  • Close down
  • We're here
  • It's us
  • IT'S ME


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