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Readings from the Employee Complaint Box in a local 2022 Warehouse.

  • First!
  • Nothing to do. Would like a suggestion.
  • Jeff's suggestion of messing with the stored items is stupid.
  • Jake yelled at us for having fun.
  • Spongebob moved. Jeff says not to worry.
  • Goop coming out of weird Mickey suit.
  • Jake missing after going to some boxes near Handy thing.
  • Handy thing covered in goop from Weird Mickey:-also something red.
  • Man tried to break into building today yelling about a horrible creature of many hands trapping a child's soul, blah blah blah.
  • Yellow suit moving; no endoskeleton in it.
  • I want out.
  • Hahahahaha I'm missing you can't find me.
  • Strange things going on.
  • Door locked. We can't escape. No keys to be found.
  • Animatronics moving frequently. May god help us.
  • I hope you report th
  • If you are reading this, your employees are dead. You will be soon. Only the night guard is left.
  • My arm is gone
  • Mickey's not playing fair
  • It's me
  • It's me
  • You will know the joy of creation

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