Consia is a female animatronic, having the ability to make parts of her body detach, and come back to their place and attach, she can even make her non-attached parts fly in the air, and can even attach her parts to other stuff, she also slowly regenerates any completely lost parts of her.


Consia is an animatronic that is technically made of alot of animatronics, the purple guy created her for the purpose of storing childrens souls, every single part of her is a whole different animatronic itself really, after having all of her parts filled by a childrens soul, she was released, and now apparently has unusual abilitys, pretty simple if I say so myself.


Consia is usually happy, and usually likes to hang out with other people of her same gender apparently, she has the fear of males for some reason, probably because of what they can do with you, she is not manipulated easily, but however can be manipulated in some ways, she likes talking alot, and is pretty happy overall.


A white female animatronic, with a purple, torn apart sort of cloak hanging down from her neck, covering her chest, she wears the same thing on her back, and they are also both tied together too, she has purple gloves, something thats pretty odd is that she has a snakes tongue, and her eyes actually change colors, they are normally purple, but rarely they can be a light green, its unknown why, maybe both of her eyes were possessed by childs with green eyes, and also wears a purple hood.


  • Consia was created after Ender saw the message about Cassei DBB sent Bolt, suprisingly, one of her traits in personality is because of how flirty some of his characters can be, Enders female characters I guess don't wanna be involved with it.
  • Whenever Ender thought of Consia, she thought of Raven from teen titans for some reason, probably where the purple hood came from.
  • Consia is supposed to be Enders sort of new main female character.
  • Ender had a tough time thinking of appearance for some reason, even though its pretty simple.

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