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Corey is a ram animatronic who hasn't had any appearances in any Five Night's at Freddy's official games or any fangames/spinoffs.

He was introduced with the first animatronics, when the first pizzeria opened, after the FredBear franchise was purchased.


His wool is white, while his "skin" is light gray. He wears light blue pajamas, and has curled horns. He has hooves for hands and feet.

Like the first generation animatronics, he has faux fur, but it's more poofy, to give the effect of wool. His pajamas seem to be made of a fabric that's thick.

AI Personality

Corey is very sleepy, and quite frequently dozes off. This AI design was made with the ideas that sheep are commonly acquainted with sleep. He's also very forgetful, because of his tendency to sleep. Despite this, he's very happy-go-lucky, and loves to be social.

During the night, he still has his doziness, in which causes him to stay in a location longer.



It seems that he isn't the most active, but, he goes to less locations to reach the office. He starts in the Backstage.

Backstage => Dining Room => Main Hall => Party Room 2 => Right Air Vent

Misc. Info


Corey isn't-as of creation-in a shipping. He isn't in an official relationship.

Tabitha Kat (The Cat)- He enjoys her company, mainly because of how kindhearted she is.


  • Was intended to be an ewe.
  • His creator's inspiration for Corey came from her current fascination with Satyrs.
  • He was also inspired by Sleepy Sheep from the anime series Gregory Horror Show.


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