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Ever wonder why Scratch Cat's closed?

The truth is, Scratch Cat's Coding Center was so good, it was addictive. You could learn to code in less than an hour. But one day, some jerk drove away with kids and supposedly locked them in the basement of his house. The place was always kinda dirty, and I guess something else happened. But this is my story.

The first thing I saw was the mascots. Scratch Cat, Tic the mint, Tac the ladybug, and Toc the octopus, if I remember correctly. There was a horrible smell coming from them. It was of-poop, maybe? I also SAW poop on them. But kids loved them.

I guess nobody cleaned them. I mean, it existed for 8 YEARS! Or maybe, they had been abused by flying poop. So, I followed Scratch Cat to the bathroom. Toddlers threw poop! I was outta there. I decided to follow him around. I heard a kid scream, but I didn't care.

I ran outside, where someone waited for me. I jumped in the car and soon I was alone in a basement. Nobody ever knew...ever.

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