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Crossover Fighters is currently under construction. That means some things featured may not be final and will be edited in future. This could also mean you can request ideas in the comments or edit the page if allowed. However, it's best to ask to edit the page, or check if the page has a "public" template.

Crossover Fighters is a Super Smash Bros. style game using the characters from Bolt's Five Nights of Crossover series.

How it works

Up to 8 characters are put into a battlefield and forced to fight each other. The main objective is to build up enough launch percentage with your attacks, and send them off screen. There are three ways you can do so - Left or right, off the top, or from the bottom. The higher the character's weight, the harder they are to launch.

Things everybody can use

Double jump - Self explanatory. The first jump is off the ground, the second only in the air. If you are hit in the air, you lose your double jump while in the air.

Grab - Can grab people, and give you a variety of options.

Shield - Puts your character in a "blocking" state to block damage. The shield will break after too much use or damage, stunning you, so be very careful!

Character specific gimmicks

Freddy - The more damage you take, the stronger you get. (A 0.5 boost to strength every 10%) When you die, this resets.

BBB - The more times you steal projectiles, the heavier you get. (+1 weight every 3 projectiles) When you die, this resets.

RED Medic - Every time you hit an enemy, you heal percent equivelant to 1/10 of the damage you do.

Inkling Girl - You have an ink tank which empties over time, losing 5% of it per every 10 seconds of fighting. Landing hits with your attacks allows you to refill this tank with how much damage you deal, but it is reduced when you also take damage. 

Slenderman - The more you use static-related attacks, the smaller Slenderman gets, making him harder to hit; giving him some kind of shield buff. But if you stop moving, the effect will fade away.

Jester Zombie - The tombstones you spawn with your down special can sometimes be different. (Either normal, steel, wood, or glass; glass being the weakest with steel being the strongest.)

Paratroopa - If stay in the air long enough without jumping, Paratroopa will begin to slightly glide, but cannot stop until hit, or hitting a wall, floor or ceiling.

Absol - When you fully charge each charge attack one after the other, you become Mega Absol for 6 seconds and get the chance to just wreck havoc on all other fighters with increased speed, damage, jump height, immune to being launched, and more range on your attacks, but at the cost of being heavier.

Silver - While you are in the air and hit somebody, you stop them from moving until you land on the stage, or die.

Skeleton - When your shield breaks, you instantly die.

Toy Freddy - Same as Freddy.

Inkling Boy - Same as Inkling Girl

Character 'Intros'

Freddy - A stage light appears where he will be, then it vanishes, revealing Freddy in its place.

BBB - His signature hat will be on the ground, then he appears from under it, said hat on his head.

RED Medic - A 2 second respawn timer followed by "Forward!" when the timer is up.

Inkling Girl - Squid jumps to a starting position in squid form, then when she lands, turns to her humanoid form.

Slenderman - Randomly appears, with slight illusions around him which fade with only 1 second left.

Jester Zombie - Rises from a tombstone, then spins, destroying said tombstone.

Paratroopa - He flies onto the screen in his shell, then when he is in his starting positions, he stops hiding in his shell.

Absol - A "GO, ABSOL!" message appears under where Absol will be, in which there is an Ultra Ball. Absol pops out of it, then destroys the Ultra Ball he was in.

Silver - A portal is in his starting location - he exits it, then the portal vanishes.

Skeleton - A Skeleton spawner spawns him in, only to be destroyed by TNT.

Toy Freddy - Freddy's, except it's in opposite order, but the stage light still vanishes at the end.

Inkling Boy - Simply spawns in via a teleporter while in squid form, soon changing to humanoid form afterwards.




Freddy Fazbear

Weight: 20

Shield: Re-sizes his top hat to bigger than him and hides under it.

Ground attacks

Not moving - A 4 punch combo. The first 3 punches do 3% each, the last does 7%.

While moving sideways - A kick. Does 7%.

While crouching - A stomp. The stomp does 10%, and sends out two small shockwaves which do 2% each.

While looking up - A headbutt. Does 8%.

While dashing - A tackle. Hits twice, each hit doing 5%.


Not moving - Tosses his top hat which acts like a boomerang. Hits multiple times, the last hit doing 8%, the other hits doing 2%.

While moving sideways - Swings forward with his microphone. If it hits an enemy which is facing the opposite direction, this move does double damage. Does 14%.

While crouching - Activates the Toreador March. Anyone nearby is put to sleep and rendered useless, the more percent they have, the longer they sleep.

While looking up - Uses his top hat as a catapult to bounce him forward and up into the air.


Pummel - A punch. 1%.

Forward - Holds the enemy still for a bit and kicks them away. 8%.

Up - Tosses the enemy into the air and uppercuts them. 13%.

Down - Thrusts the enemy to the floor and stomps on them. 9%.

Backwards - Flings an enemy in his top hat catapult. 10%.

Air attacks

Not moving - Spins. 5%.

Forward - A two foot kick. 6%.

While looking down - Stomps really hard on the enemy. Does 13%, and sends hit enemy plummetting downwards.

While looking up - A backflip kick. 10%.

Backwards - Poses like a pencil and pushes himself in said direction. 6%.

Charge attacks

^ + attack - A leaping headbut. The maximum damage is 24%.

< or > + attack - A tophat combo, then a big punch. The maximum damage is 23%

v + attack - A very strong stomp. At full charge, sends out really big shockwaves. The maximum damage is 28%.

Birthday Boy Blam

Weight: 12

Shield: Curls up into a ball on the ground.

Ground attacks

Not moving: A single headbutt. Does 7%.

While moving sideways - Whips his hat forward. Hits twice, both hits doing 5%.

While crouching - A fast leg sweep. Does 2%.

While looking up - Leaps up into the air slightly and spins, hitting all nearby. Does 1/2% each hit, hits 6 times.

While dashing - Trips over on purpose. Does 9%.


Not moving - Attempts to pull projectiles into his hat. If it is successful, he gets to hold onto said projectile for as long as he wants, and use it against other characters. When tossed out, does 7% more than the original projectile.

While moving sideways - Pulls a random rope out of his top hat and tosses it. Whoever it hits is trapped for 5 seconds.

While crouching - Uses his hat to make an energy shield. Anything that hits physically is countered.

While looking up - Tosses his hat forward and up into the air, then appears out of it.


Pummel - A bite. 2%.

Forward -  Pushes the enemy with his head and then blows them away with an air horn. 9%.

Up - Uses his hat as a spike to bounce the enemy into the air. 12%.

Down - Places a bomb next to the enemy. Does 9%, but BBB hits himself for 5%.

Backwards - Slides under the enemy and headbutts them from behind. 8%.

Air attacks

Not moving - Backflips in the air. 4%.

While moving forward - A punch downwards. 9%. Can send the enemy plummetting down if the enemy is hit by the tip of the punch.

While looking up - Tosses a fake copy of his hat into the air like a bomb which then detonates. 10%.

While looking down - Kicks 4 times downwards. 3% each kick.

Backwards - A backwards headbutt. 9%.

Charge attacks

^ + attack - Points his hat facing up and fires a laser out of it. Maximum damage is 19%, but launches REALLY high.

< or > + attack - Pulls out a hammer amd swings it. Maximum damage is 25%, but it's the slowest of BBB's moves.

v + attack - Makes a whip appear in his top hat and spins around with it. Maximum damage is 28%.

RED Medic

Weight: 15

Shield: Ubercharges himself with the Medi-Gun.

Ground attacks

Not moving - A punch. 6%.

While moving forward - A bonesaw slash. 11%.

While looking up - A syringe burst of 19 syringes. Each syringe does 1%.

While crouching -  A slide kick. 4%.

While dashing - A spinning bonesaw attack. Hits 7 times, first 6 hits doing 2%, the last doing 4%.


Not moving - Chargable. Loads syringes into his sygringe gun. At full charge, all small needles are replaced for one, very strong one. In total, there can be a maximum of 8 needles. Each small needle does 3%, the big needle does 30%.

While moving forward - Pulls out the Ubersaw and slashes. If it hits an enemy, deals 18% damage and heals 11% off Medic.

While looking up - Pulls out the Vita-Saw which is held by a ropse and thrusts it forward like a grappling hook to grab onto an edge. Does 7% if it hits an enemy.

While looking down - Pulls out the Quick Fix and makes a red shield. If not attacked for 4 seconds, Medic will be healing 10 percent every 3 seconds.


Pummel - Knee attack. 1%.

Forward - Shakes the enemy and throws them very far. 6%.

Up - Lifts the enemy into the air and propels them higher with a big needle. 11%.

Down - Stabs the enemy with the bonesaw and headbutts them down. 13%.

Backwards - Slides the enemy over him and against the ground, sending them flying far.

Air attacks

Backwards and while moving forward - A strong thrust downwards of the Vita-Saw. 15%, can send the enemy plumetting down if the beginning of the spike touches the enemy.

Not moving - A spinning kick. 6%.

While looking up - Swings up with the Crusader's Crossbow. 8%.

While looking down - A downward thrust with the Medi-Gun which blasts a red laser. 10%.

Charge attacks

^ + attack - An upward thrust with the bonesaw. Maximum damage is 32%, does more damage at the edge.

< or > + attack - A long range big needle shot from te Crusader's Crossbow. Does more damage over a distance, maximum being 39%.

v + attack - Makes the Medi-Gun activate a red barrier for the attack which projects two short-range laser blasts. Maximum damage is 25%.

Inkling Girl

Weight: 16

Shield: Activates Ink Armor on herself.

Ground attacks

While not moving - A kick combo of 5 kicks. The first 4 do 12% total for 3% each, the last one does 5%.

While moving forward - A tentacle slap. 9% and hits both in front and behind.

While crouching - A slide kick. Sends herself forward for a kick. 5%.

While looking up - Holds a Splat-Brella upwards and shoots straight up. Does 1-4% damage, but it covers a wide area above her.

While dashing - Turns into her squid form and tackles whoever is in the way, turning to normal afterwards. 9%. Gives a big speed boost while being used, helping Inkling to gain control of the area.


While not moving - Shoots ink out of her Splatterscope. Can be charged for more damage. The maximum damage is 20%.

While moving forward - Pulls out a Golden Dynamo Roller and shakes it, releasing a big wave of ink. 18%. Whoever it hits is slown down by 25% of their speed for 5 seconds.

While looking up - Uses the Inkjet to launch her into the air while sending whoever touches the exhaust straight down. Can also attack while flying - in which it launches a maximum of 2 exploding ink spheres which do 15% damage each upon contact with anything in it's explosion radius.

While looking down - Drops a Suction Bomb which explodes 4 seconds later. Attatches to players and the ground. 21%. Can be aimed in all 8 directions.


Pummel - A knee hit. 2%.

Forward - Slides the enemy forward into a Splash Wall which knocks them even further away.. 15%.

Up - Tosses a Splat Bomb into the air, and the enemy just after, in time for it to explode on them. 19%.

Down - Pushes the enemy down with them with Splat Dualies and shoots them a couple times before they are slightly launched. 11%.

Backward - Turns into squid form to get behind the enemy and blasts them from behind with a direct hit from the Blaster. 24%. Doesn't launch very far.

Air attacks

Not moving - Shoots an ink wave around her in a circle from the Slosher. 11%.

While moving forward - Fires 5 ink shots from the Aerospray MG. 3% each ink shot, 15% in total.

While looking up - Backflips in the air, hitting any above her by swinging the Octobrush. Hits twice, 14% for the first hit, 7% for the next.

While looking down - Pulls out the Inkzooka and fires downwards. 15%. Whoever is hit is sent plummetting downwards.

Backwards - A double reverse kick, and a shot of ink from the Splattershot. 16%.

Charge attacks

^ + attack - Deploys a small Inkstrike near herself to hit the enemy nearby, which slowly raises them into the air. Maximum damage is 20%.

< or > + attack - Pulls out the Heavy Splatling and fires a full barrel of ink at whoever's in the way. Fires 15 shots in the direction she's facing, and the shots can go through enemies. Each shot does a maximum of 2 or 4% each.

v + attack - Places Ink Mines to her left and right which instantly explode with a big range. Maximum damage is 25% each mine.


Weight: 18

Shield: Covers himself in static.

Ground attacks

Not moving - Vanishes for 2 seconds and re-appears with a far launching punch. 5%.

While moving forward - A fast kick. 9%.

While crouching - Vanishes for 1 second and then re-appears with an uppercut. 13%.

While looking up - A headbutt. 6%.

While dashing - Fades out of the enemy's sight and lunges at them with a punch. 10%.


Not moving - Makes a grey ball of static and fires it at his oponents. Homing. 7%.

While moving forward - Chargable. Teleports to the direction he's facing, stops if someone is in the way, and attacks them. The longer it is charged, the further you go, and the more it hurts. The maximum damage is 16%.

While looking down - Makes a copy of himself which does the exact same things he can do. But to do so, Slenderman has to receive 15%. The copy fades away after 10 seconds.

While looking up - Teleports sideways in the direction Slenderman is facing. Not good for height, but can send you pretty far sideways.


Pummel - A punch. 2%.

Forward - Roundhouse kicks the enemy. 9%.

Down - Pins the enemy to the floor and squishes them, getting off afterwards. 15%.

Up - Uses a grey static ball to lift the enemy into the air, and makes it combust. 11%.

Backwards - Teleports the victim 1 teleport's width away. 7%.

Air attacks

Not moving - Makes a barrier of static balls around him while he's in the air. 3% each time they get touched.

While moving forward - A strong kick downwards. 15%.

While looking up - Teleports himself downwards a bit and does an uppercut. 12%.

While looking down - Thrusts his whole body down to attack. Cannot stop himself from falling. 15%.

Backwards - A spinning kick. 17% total, 4 hits, 3%, 3%, 4%, then 7%.

Charge attacks

^ + attack - A static powered electrical uppercut. Maximum damage is 33%.

< or > + attack - A one step kick, sideways. Maximum damage is 29%.

v + attack - Fades away for a moment, then returns, making static shockwaves. Maximum damage is 22%.

Jester Zombie

Weight: 14

Shield: Similar to Freddy's, except a big bell covers the whole of him, not a top hat.

Ground attacks

Not moving - A speedy kick which makes you opponent fall over. 4%.

While moving forward - A slow roundhouse kick. 10%.

While crouching - Springs into the air for a bit, then dropkicks downwards instantly. 15%.

While looking up - Backflips and headbutts anyone nearby. 12%.

While dashing - Spins forward at a high speed. Hits 9 times, the first 8 times doing 2% each, the last doing 7%.


Not moving - Spins in one place. Does 2% every time he gets touched, but if a projectile hits him while spinning, that projectile is reflected at double the power.

While moving forward - Slides a bomb along the ground which soon explodes into toxic. 8%, whoever is hit takes poison damage which lasts for 5 seconds, getting deadlier each second. (1%, 2%, 3%, 6%, 12%, in that order.)

While looking down - Summons a tombstone from the ground to block the way of enemies and shield himself. Only lasts 12 seconds and can be destroyed. If hit enough, the tombstone can be flung out of the ground and used as a projectile which does 15% to whoever it hits.

While looking up - Turns himself upside down and spins so fast he goes upwards. Anyone who is hit is sent plummetting down to the ground. 5%.


Pummel - A punch. 3%.

Forward - Slides the enemy along the floor like a bomb. 11%.

Down - Puts the enemy on the floor and spins on top of them. 16%.

Up - Puts a bomb on the enemy's head, and kicks the enemy up, the bomb exploding after. 20%, but doesn't launch far.

Backwards - Leaps over the enemy and falls over on them on purpose, backwards, and kicks them. 19%.

Air attacks

Not moving - A cartwheel in the air. 9%.

While moving forward - A forward head slam. 15%. Whoever gets hit is sent plummetting to the ground.

While looking up - An uppercut. 7%.

While looking down - Bites downwards. 14%, heals himself 6%.

Backwards - A 2 leg kick. 19%.

Charge attacks

^ + attack - Spins the opponent into the air and headbutts them higher. Maximum damage is 26%.

< or > + attack - Pulls out a sticky explody ball and lobs it in front of him in an arc which explodes 8 seconds later in a moderate explosive range. Maximum damage is 25%.

v + attack - Places a bomb on the floor to launch himself up, and then comes down with a split kick. Maximum damage is 31%.


Weight: 17

Shield: Hides in his shell.

Ground attacks

Not moving - Swings his wings forward for a double hit. 6% each hit.

While moving forward - A forward flip into a kick. 13%.

While looking up - Goes into his shell and leaps up for a hit. 11%.

While looking down - A slide kick. 8%.

While dashing - Flies straight into the enemy while in his shell. 16%.


Not moving - Turns a few feathers of his wings into needles and fires them forwards. Each needle does 4%.

While moving forward - Goes into his shell and spins towards the enemy for a multi-hit attack. Each hit does 1%.

While looking down - Grows spikes on his shell and hides in it. Does damage when touched. Each hit does 15%. Doesn't work in the air.

While looking up - Flies into the air while going in the direction he's facing. Really good for recovery, but leaves you open.


Pummel - A bite. 4%.

Forward - Slams on the enemy and headbutts them away. 9%.

Up - Goes into the air with them and drops them downwards by force 5 seconds later. 10%, can be moved left and right while in the air.

Down - Thrusts the enemy to the floor and lies on them, growing spikes on his shell, which sends them flying away shortly after. 20%.

Backwards - Holds the enemy and spins 3 times before throwing them away, and bouncing them with needles. The throw does 9%, each needle does 4%.

Air attacks

Not moving - An air cartwheel. 9%.

While moving forward - A strong headbutt down. 19%, whoever it hits is sent straight down.

While looking up - Extends his wings to big spikes. 13%.

While looking down - Goes into his shell and spins. Multi-hit attack, hits 6 times, each hit doing 3%.

Backwards - Does a U-turn up into the air and back to where he was, returning with a drop kick. 9%.

Charge attacks

^ + attack - Builds up something in his mouth and soon releases it, a big fireball, into the air. Maximum damage is 30%.

< or > + attack - Pulls both wings back and releases when the attack is done. Each wing can do a maximum of 14% each, and the wings push back whoever is close and not hit.

v + attack - Hides in his shell and does a handstand. He spreads his wings out wide and spins. Multi-hit, does a maximum of 29%.


Weight: 18

Shield: Uses Protect on himself.

Ground attacks

Not moving - A single slash with his scythe-horn. 5%.

While moving forward - Uses Tackle. 9%.

While looking up - Uses Future Sight around himself, making a short-ranged shockwave near him. 11%.

While looking down - Drills his scythe-horn into the ground, soon making it rise up infront of him. 6%.

While dashing - Uses Quick Attack and rams into anyone nearby. 12%.


Not moving - Scythe-horn goes pink. When the special button is pressed, uses and fires a Psycho Cut curved projectile which keeps going until off screen. Chargable. Maximum damage is 17%.

While moving forward - Fades away and soon re-appears using Night Slash, hitting anyone he went through. 14%.

While looking down - Uses Razor Wind which makes a twiser around him, blowing whoever touches it straight into the air. 12%.

While looking up - Uses Double Team to create a clone of himself under him, and leaps off it, into an upwards headbutt. 6%, hits 3 times.


Pummel - A bite. 4%.

Forward - Throws an enemy forward, and then uses Pursuit on them. 15%.

Up - Combos the enemy into the air with Aerial Ace. 6% each hit, hits 3 times.

Down - Uses Rock Slide under his enemy, making rocks come from the ground to hit anyone nearby. 9%.

Backwards - Shoves the enemy behind him and then turns around, using Megahorn on them. 20%.

Air attacks

Not moving - Uses Shock Wave, making an electrical "barrier" around himself. 3% each touch, hits a maximum of 9 times.

While moving forward - Uses Iron Tail, aiming diagonally downwards. 16%, whoever gets hit is thrusted diagonally downwards.

While looking up - Uses Hex and shoots out a ghostly projectile above him which splits into 5 smaller ones. The big projectile before splitting does 20%, each small one does 4%.

While looking down - Uses Icy Wind below him. 3%, freezes whoever is hit in ice for 4 seconds which stops them from moving.

Backwards - Uses Shadow Claw on his tail, slashing anyone foolish enough to get behind him. Hits 4 times, the first 3 hits doing 5% each, the 4th doing 9%.

Charge attacks

^ + attack - Covers himself in Hex, vanishing. He soon re-appears from above, using Punishment to anyone close enough. Hits twice, each hit doing a maximum of 17%.

< or > + attack - Uses X-Scissor in the direction he's facing, slashing 5 times. Each slash can do a maximum of 6% each.

v + attack - Uses Fire Blast below him, making fire to both his left, and his right. Maximum damage is 29%.


Weight: 16

Shield: Uses psychokinetic energy on himself, making a barrier around him.

Ground attacks

Not moving - Uses psychokinetic energy to pull a rock out of the ground, and thrusts it forward. 9%.

While moving forward - Warps a small distance forward, and re-appears in a T shape, hitting anyone nearby. 5%.

While looking up - Sends psychokinetic short ranges shock waves up into the air, hitting anyone nearby. 5% each.

While looking down - A kick downwards. 8%.

While dashing - Makes a psychokinetic clone of himself and sends it flying forwards. 11%.


Not moving - Chargeable. Pulls a rock from the ground and makes it grow more and more, before releasing it forwards after 6 seconds. Maximum damage is 18%.

While moving forward - Hovers through an enemy, hitting them 3 times. 4% for the first 2 hits, 6% for the third.

While looking down - Makes a small portal around him. Anyone caught in it is trapped for 5 seconds, giving you time to attack.

While looking up - Teleports diagonally up into the air where Silver is facing. Anyone near the end of the teleport gets launched away. 7%.


Pummel - A punch. 3%.

Forward - Just tosses the enemy away. 8%.

Up - Lifts the enemy into the air with psychokinetic energy, then flings them higher. 11%.

Down - Bounces the enemy into the floor. 8%.

Backwards - Lifts the enemy over him and flings them away. 13%.

Air attacks

Not moving - Makes a psychokinetic bombard of blasts around him, hitting all that come nearby.

While moving forward - A psychokinetic drop kick which hits 4 times. Each hit is 4%.

While looking up - A back flip kick with a psychokinetic blast in the middle. The blast does 9%, the kick does 7%.

While looking down - Makes a psychokinetic crate and drops it downwards. 12%. Whoever it hits is sent straight downwards.

Backwards - A 1 hit attack. 19% if it's a direct hit, 4% if not.

Charge attacks

^ + attack - Makes a giant psychokinetic sphere which erupts into a powerful attack which launches really high. Maximum damage is 26%.

< or > + attack - Makes a psychokinetic fist and swings it in the direction he's facing, hitting anyone in the way twice. Each hit has a maximum damage of 14% each.

v + attack - Makes buildings rise out of the ground slightly, bouncing anyone nearby up in the air and away. Maxmimum damage is 21%.


Weight: 13

Shield: Uses his bow to shield himself.

Ground attacks

Not moving - A single punch forward. 5%.

While moving forwards - Swings his head forwards, hitting anyone nearby. 8%.

While looking up - Swings his bow over the top of him, hitting twice, 5% each hit.

While looking down - Slides an arrow forwards off the floor, hitting anyone close enough. 9%.

While dashing - Rams into the enemy with an arrow loaded into his bow, hitting them with both the arrow and bow. The arrow does 3%, the bow does 11%.


Not moving - Chargeable. Loads arrows into his bow. The longer you charge it, the more arrows you fire off at once (maximum of 9) and the more damage each arrow does. (8% maximum per arrow)

While moving forward - Tosses his bow forward. Hits twice. Does more damage on the second hit. The first hit does 9%, the second hit does 13%.

While looking down - Crumbles into bones on whoever is nearby for a strong attack.. He soon bursts right back to life and fully alive, uppercutting whatever fool got close. 28%. Leaves you wide open if you miss.

While looking up - Throws a spawn egg of himself in an arc. If the spawn egg lands on a platform, a duplicate of Skeleton will appear, and the previous one will vanish, allowing you to control the new Skeleton which was spawned. However, this new Skeleton still has all the damage you've previously taken earlier on the original one.

Air attacks

Not moving - Extends his arms and legs in an X shape. 9%.

While moving forward - Extends his left arm and thrusts it forward. 12%.

While looking up - Shoots 6 arrows upwards. 2% each arrow.

While looking down - Turns one of his bones into stone and drops it down. 13%. Whoever is hit is sent straight down.

Backwards - Spins like a drill backwards. Hits 7 times, each hit doing 2%, the last launching further than the rest.


Pummel - An arrow stab. 2%.

Forward - Slides his bow under the enemy, and flings them off it, sending them forwards. 9%.

Up - Tosses the enemy into the air, tossing his head into them soon after, his head landing back on him after the attack. 14%.

Down - Body slams the enemy down. 5%.

Backwards - Slides the enemy behind him and back kicks them away. 11%.

Charge attacks

^ + attack - Tosses a fire charge into the air, and shoots it with an arrow, making it explode. Maximum damage is 24%.

< or > + attack - Turns his arms into steel and swings them forward, hitting anyone around, twice. Each hit does a maximum of 14%.

v + attack - Pulls out two arrows and holds them in his hands and spins around 5 times. The first four hits can do a maximum of 3% each, and the last hit can do a maximum of 8%.


Toy Freddy

Weight: 16

Shield: Same as Freddy's

Unlock: Win 20 fights as Freddy

Ground attacks

Not moving - A multi-directional spin kick. Hits 5 times, each hit doing 2%.

While moving sideways - A kick. Does 4%.

While crouching - A stomp. The stomp does 14%, and sends out two small shockwaves which do 4% each.

While looking up - Extends a boxing glove from his top hat and launches it upwards. 8%.

While dashing - Enlarges his top hat and hops in it, sliding in it and across the ground. 5%.


Not moving - Chargeable. Resizes his top hat like a sword and slashes 7 times, the first 6 doing a maximum of 3% each, the final hit doing a maximum of 7%.

While moving sideways - Extends his legs a bit, then sends himself forwards with a powerful kick. 14%. If used in the air, sends Toy Freddy diagonally downwards.

While crouching - Glares at the enemy, and shines a bright light at them, stunning them for 2 seconds. The light does 2%.

While looking up - Turns his top hat into a hammer, tosses it up, goes up and grabs it, before going straight down for a deadly blow. All hits do 5-6% each, and it sends Toy Freddy straight down with no way to stop him unless he gets hit.


Pummel - Squeezes the enemy tightly. 4%.

Forward - Bites the enemy, then tosses them away out of his jaw. 11%.

Up - Hits the enemy into the air with a boxing glove out of his top hat, and headbutts the enemy higher. 12%.

Down - Traps the enemy and himself in his top hat, then knocks the enemy into a side of his top hat, knocking them down. 9%.

Backwards - Flings the enemy into his extending leg attack. 17%.

Air attacks

Not moving - Entends blades out of his top hat, and makes his top hat spin in a circle around him. 6%.

Forward - A 3 hit boxing glove combo. Each hit does 4%.

While looking down - Belly flops really hard on the enemy. Does 13%, and sends hit enemy plummetting downwards, as well as sending Toy Freddy down with them.

While looking up - A backflip kick. 8%.

Backwards - Poses like a ball, then bursts out into an X shape. 15%.

Charge attacks

^ + attack - Enlarges the boxing glove from his hat, and thrusts it upwards. Maximum damage is 27%.

< or > + attack - A tophat combo, then a big punch. The maximum damage is 17%

v + attack - A very strong bite attack. Hits 4 times, the first 3 hits doing a maximum of 4% each, the 4th doing 10%.

Inkling Boy

Weight: 20

Shield: Same as Inkling Girl

Unlock: Win a fight as Inkling Girl without emptying the ink tank once

Ground attacks

While not moving - Continously swings the Inkbrush in front of him. Direction can be changed by the push of a button into the opposite direction. Holding the button continues the attack. When the button is released, a stronger slap ends the combo. Each initial Inkbrush slap deals 4%, and the finishing slap deals 9%.

While moving forward - Sloshing Machine makes a corkscrew ark which goes up above him, then comes back down, travelling left as it does so. Deals 3% for the ink trail it leaves, and 14% on the direct hit. Anyone hit in the air goes straight down.

While crouching - Inkling Boy places a Sprinkler at his feet and it instantly erupts a short ranged ink circle around his feet. 11%. 

While looking up - Inkling Boy shoots two shots from a Jet Squelcher up into the air. 6%, but the shots have REALLY high reach into the air.

While dashing - Inkling Boy dashes forward with the Dapple Dualies, dealing 2% to anyone he charges into and knocks them to where he's headed; where he then shoots 10 1% damaging ink pellets at them.


While not moving - Pulls out his Splat Roller. Holding the button makes a horizontal swing, simply pressing it makes a vertical swing. Neither swing is stronger; and both deal 10% if they hit.

While moving sideways - Pulls out the Aerospray RG and fires a tight ink spread in his path. Each spreaded shot deals 2%, and is great at guarding the edges of stages due to it's limited range.

While looking down - Pulls out a Killer Wail. This can be aimed at any angle in 8 directions, and when the special button is pressed again, it fires through walls and has infinite range across the stage. The hitbox is smaller than in the actual Splatoon games, but to make up for it, it hits 3 times for 15% total at best.

While looking up - Uses the recoil from an Inkzooka to launch him into the air. His descent on the way down is quicker than just jumping. If the shots hit anyone, it deals 10%.


Pummel - A shot from a Splattershot. 4%.

Forward - Forces the victim into an Inkzooka and fires them out of it. The launch deals 5%, and the ink shot with it deals another 12%.

Up - Drags an enemy up into the air with them while initiating a Splashdown, making an inky explosion when they land. 13%.

Down - Throws the enemy down, turns into a Kraken, and leaps onto them, then turning back. 9%.

Backwards - Squid forms to behind the enemy, then shoots them in the back with the Tenta Brella. 14%.

Air attacks

Not moving - Detonates a Burst Bomb in his hands, making a circle of ink around him in the air. 5% for the wave, 14% for a direct hit by the actual bomb.

Forward - Swings his Splat Roller diagonally downwards in the direction he's facing. 15%, sends the enemy straight down if they are hit by the attack at the roller's tip.

While looking up - Blows a bubble from the Bubble Blower. The bubble explodes on contact, or after 3 seconds. 14%.

While looking down - Fires directly downwards with a Bamboozler. 11%, but this is the fastest attack in Inkling Boy's moveset.

Backward - Throws a Disruptor behind him. 2%, and increases the weight of hit targets by 5 for 10 seconds.

Charge attacks

^ + attack - Generates clamshells out of nowhere, and throws all of them up into the air at once as one giant ball. 20% at maximum on a direct hit. The shells then seperate and deal 6% on maximum if they hit anyone.

< or > + attack - Activates the Baller, and darts to the direction he's facing really quickly. 23% at maximum.

v + attack - Spawns two Ink clouds to his sides. All the ink pours down INSTANTLY when the attack is released. Each Ink Storm cloud deals a total of 27% each if the targets are in said ink rain.


The Bed - FNAF 4

A simple length stage, with a twist. Some times, the bed cover will be tossed off, making everyone who touches it while the bed cover is off bounce into the air.

Eyesaur's Pit - ONAF2

A simple length stage with a large hole in the center of it. There are not many places to hide in this stage, so you really have to think fast when someone is coming right at you.

Nucleus - TF2

A simple length stage with a ramped circle platform in the center for the control point. Whoever is standing on the control point will be healed 3% every second, and get a decent boost to everything else.

Walleye Warehouse - Splatoon

A large length stage with lots of boxes to stand on for high ground. Going high is probably a good idea here, there aren't many other safe places to the left or right. Sometimes, a crane will moves boxes around.

Static Forest - Slender

A simple length stage with a few trees on it as extra platforms. It's not easy to pull of combos here with all the trees making dense areas, be careful.

Frostbite Caves - PVZ2

A simple length stage, which just moving makes you move even more than last time, and when you go over the same part of ice enough, it will break under you, and need 10 seconds to fix. Not a cool option, be darn careful.

Bowser's Castle - Super Mario Bros.

A large length stage with lots of hazards around which can harm fighters. Fire Bars, Spinies and Chain Chomps can appear here to make your survival that more difficult. Lava is at the bottom, which bounces fighters straight up. You can only kill at the sides and the top with this one, attack wisely.

Mt. Silver - Pokemon Silver, Gold, Crystal, Heart Gold and Soul Silver

A stage with one small platform, and diagonal sides, meaning you can only get back up from above. Sometimes, one of Red's pokemon will appear (Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, Espeon, Pikachu, Snorlax or Lapras) which pull off their own attacks and change the stage just a bit.

Chemical Plant Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

A typical medium length stage. You can hit the parts of the stage to spin them around, allowing characters to go through them. Another twist, sometimes water will rise up. If you are in the water for too long, you will go straight through the stage and die.

Mineshaft - Minecraft

A medium length stage with 2 "levels" of platforms. On the bottom is the standard mineshaft with rails, and the top is a wooden roof. Every 5 kills, a minecart will roll on the rails. If it hits one person, that one person will be trapped in the minecart, and dragged off screen, killed.

Fazbear's Fright- FNAF 3

A simple stage. Nothing special about this one really, unless you're here for the fact that the phantom animatronics randomly appear, but do nothing.

Inkblot Art Academy - Splatoon 2

A stage with lots of walls, and tight spaces. Similar to Slender's Forest, there isn't much room for combos, but like Chemical Plant Zone, there is water instead of blank voids at the edges of the stage.


  • Some of Freddy's and Toy Freddy's attacks are referencing Five Nights at F*ckboy's, namely, their special attacks.
  • After beating each unlockable character to unlock them, you get a smash bros style newcomer image of that character.
  • If it wasn't already obvious, the Inklings use various weapons from Splatoon and Splatoon 2, across main weapons, sub weapons, and special weapons from both games.