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(this story is a parody of Cry Baby)

Cry Bonnie - starring: Bonnie Depp

Chapter 1

1955, It was time to get shots at the highschool. Cry Bonnie and his gang were at the back of the Drapes line. Toy bonnie was with his girlfriend, Toy Chica, at the back of the Squares line. everybody got the shots, then Cry Bonnie went up and so did Toy Chica. He looked at her, and shed one single oil tear. after school, Toy Chicas grandmother came and got mad at her for hanging out with Cry Bonnie, so Toy Chica and Toy Bonnie got in Toy Chicas grandmas car. The Cry Bonnie gang got in his car and drove to Cry Bonnie's grandma, Old Chica. Old Chica gave Cry Bonnie a Motorcycle, and he drove to a place where Toy Chica was singing, and got her to drive away to Fazbey point, Toy Chica and Toy Bonnie fell in love, but then saw fire in the distance along with a scream "CRY BOOOONNNNNIIIIIEEEEE!"

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