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Cuco by me.


Cuco is a small 'mini-me' proxy for Lindsay, made by System X in Cutting Crew: A Hard Act To Follow. She is a small version of her host, with black dots for eyes, a tiny thin line for a mouth, and a black dress to match.


Cuco was made by System X along with the other Mini-mes as a gift of goodwill to the Cutting Crew, Lindsay being her adoptive parent. She helped the Crew defeat Rainbow Man, and now lives inside Lindsay's jacket, coming out when adventures come.


Cuco doesn't kill the guard. She simply pops out of Lindsay's jacket, at times. This does have a use; if she does pop out, Lindsay will be less active. In games she is in, she has the power to heal and motivate allies. In fact, her job in the Cutting Crew is morale boosting.


She is very adventurous, and often she roams places. She loves new friends, and often gets into mayhem.

Special Relations

System X: She loves typing and talking to him. Hilariously, she is too small to press keys, and gibberish often appears on screen. They are on good terms.


-Cuco went through several names: Smallsay was her code name during development.

-She is essentially a Chibi version of Lindsay, thought of by the creator. This was inspired by "Shellnuts" from TF2, also.

-Squeaking is her way of speaking; she can talk, to a limited level, however.

-Was originally a paper plate doll, but the idea was reworked into Platewoman.

-She seems to have an ability to make objects from air; when bored, somehow there is always something she can entertaine herself with in her jacket. This is often joked about in games, RPs, etc.


"Cake! Cuco wants Cake! Where is the cake!?"

"Mama, tell me another breakup story! They are hilarious!"

(Credit to Cityws for the picture!)

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