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Cutting Crew: Legacy is a new multi-genre game created by Men In Black Corp and a number of other video game companies, as a re-make to an old game, Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina. The game is centered around the Cutting Kingdom's growth a after the events of Cutting Crew: A Hard Act To Follow, specifically the war with The Manifestation.

Story Missions

Mission #1: Kingdom Rising

This is played at the beginning of the game. A short narration by The Chef plays:

"It was a time of growth, prosperity and faith in the ideas of what the Cutting Crew was originally about. A band of brothers and sisters, together to face the world's problems and make it a better place. But, every coin has two sides; And with that, there was an enemy. A virus, a cold-blooded killing machine out to destroy everything we've worked so hard to get. The coin was the birth of our freedom, and the beginning of our demise. Two sides, one against the other."

"War was the coin."

A cutscene shows the CC Castle under attack by the virus themselves, when the screen shows the character they play as, Lindsay. The mission serves as a tutorial for new players, and introduces the player to the game to a third-person shooting game. The goal is to just murder Manifest, and don't die when doing it. When finished, another cutscene shows the CC trying to figure out what the virus was, when a mysterious figure dressed in a yellow jacket tells them what it was. Of course, this is Yellow Guy, to be introduced as one of the protagonists later on, but for now, he runs out, unknown to the kingdom. The mission ends, and you can play as any of the CC characters in free-roam.

Mission #2: Hit Harder

Chef is revealed to be pacing around the Kingdom, wondering how to fight and destroy the Manifestation, when Yelow returns to him. He says that the Manifest have leaders, named Apostles. One, named Kharriks, is leading another attack on the CC, and he should be targeted.

Chef has a tactical team break through the Manifest stronghold where Kharriks resides: This consists of Wireframe, Spanish Marcher, and Marlene Novosad. You play as either 3, and are tasked with going through a Manifest base to take down Kharriks. Once it is completed, the mission will end with the three escaping.

Mission #3: Malfunctioning

Lindsay, Chef, Fozie, Meredith, Jack, and Sodapop all meet together with the CC general to discuss war with the Manifest, when a familiar case is pulled out by Linds: X. He says that he'd be happy to help, but he could help the team more if he had constructs that he could access, such as satellites, drones, etc, but the CC has none. However, Chef says he has an idea, involving the stealthiest, isolated person he knows:


Lindsay goes to Amity's apartment to convince her to go into CIA HQ and find equipment for X's use. Agreeing, the mission has you go through the HQ to find satellites, in stealth. If an agent sees you, you have to start over from the last checkpoint. But, once finished, a cutscene appears.

Amity gets caught, but by her own sister, Rosette. She explains why she broke in, only to be interrupted by a slow, rising Manifest virus after the both of them: The cutscene fades to black as the two hide behind X's new systems.

Mission #4: Operation: Phoenix

Amity and Rosette are stuck within the satelitte in CIA headquarters, when they get an unorthodox idea: To launch it into orbit, so they wouldn't die of Crystalization Manifestation that would infect them. Just before the virus reaches the satelitte, X manages to launch it, getting it within the boundaries of space.

Time passes, and X can't figure out how to get the two down. Panicking, Amity accidently launches something, resulting in the destruction of the CIA base. Rosette, about to chew her out, realizes though that they can attack Manifest from within the satellite to help the CC.

So, the mission has you control CC soldiers and ordnance drops, in a bird's-eye RPG fashion. Kill enough Manifest, and the mission will end, resulting in the Crystalization's receding into the destroyed CIA base. People begin to gather around the base and comment, frightened. The camera cuts to a small news report describes the events of the mission, revealing to be playing on X's screen. Amity and Rosette lay together in the hull of the orbiter, and X is seen going into sleep mode.

Mission #5: Foreclosure

Lindsay is just getting the news about her sisters, and manages to get in contact with X through her phone. X tells her that the two are okay, and that he would teleport them down except that he can't, for some strange reason. Linds gets worried, when she is contacted by someone else on her phone.

It turns out the contact is a German scientist, Schwäiger Fraznitz, and he says he is the leader of a government operation to determine the cause of paranormal activities. He says that traces of Manifestation have DNA belonging to her, much to her horror. Fraznitz goes on to say he would love to help her get her sisters down, but they need to figure out why the Manifest have Lindsay's DNA.

Through a hole in the CIA base, the two walk through a base to find Manifest catacombs. Playing as either of the two, you move through the temple, dedicated to a lost Manifest virus, the Worshipping. At the end of the catacombs, lies a deformed pile of human flesh, that a Manifest Apostle is trying to bring to life. The Apostle, Pariaxas, fights the two in a playable fight, and Pariaxas is captured and interrogated shortly.

What is pieced together is that Manifest predicted the coming of a warrior "of high caliber, with blood locks", who would end the Manifestation forever. With this info, they cursed the warrior's bringer and/or parent, Jason Kingsland, to keep her shattered psyche intact and eventually, drive her to suicide. It didn't work, so they came up with a project, Syster, to help fight Lindsay by cloning her.

Schwäiger takes the newly-formed clone to study, and Pariaxas is taken by Lindsay to get more information out of him. When they leave, an angry, horrifying being rises out of the dead Manifest; Armageddon-113115.

Mission #6: New Friends

Syster, from before, now looks fully formed as a human being and has been silent to advances from her bigger clone. X, when turned on, tells Linds that she should treat her as if she was her own; Maybe then, they'd get a response out of her. The method works, and in short time, Lindsay and newly named Lucile are bonding. Even Yellow stops by and asks Linds if they can talk more, about the one thing they got in common, criminal acts.

Manifest leaders Nighfox and Hollow are furious about Syster's loss, and decided to mount a few attacks on the CC. Sancterium City is heavily battered, but one nearby mercenary decides to help: Mr. Munroe. You play as him, fighting and evacuating citizens of the CC away. At the end of the city, Xavier himself takes out Nightfox, by headshot.

Frustrated over the loss to the CC, Hollow falls into a graveyard and schemes a new way to kill Chef. One idea comes to mind: He walks to a nearby grave and casts some unholy magic, thus making a hand rise out of the grave. A bloodied, purple-gloved hand.

Mission #7: Old Enemies

Chef himself is very pleased with Xavier's help in taking out Manifest attacking the CC, and is about to reward him with a medal of honor when Jack walks in abruptly. Being CC's prophet/head magician, Jack says he senses something disturbing that could be harmful to the CC. A dark prescene, he says, is coming, and it is of Manifest origin. While the threat is nominal, Chef waves off the threat and continues his royal business.

Meanwhile, Lindsay and Yellow are together, working on an experimental procedure to make an animatronic\human hybrid. Using the victim of a homicide, Katherine Gray, the two talk and even flirt a little bit, thus hinting at their relationship. Something drastic happens; the body sparks and bursts into a small explosion. Lindsay and Yellow look pleased, and a shadow is cast over them, implying that the experiment must've worked.

Playing as the newly risen Katherine, you are introduced to a character that has new abilities and powers, with abilities such as short flight, robotic weaponry, etc. After a few short tutorials, Katherine realizes what the two have done, and eargerly wants to do it herself. She askes who she should test it on, and with unease from Yellow, Purple Guy is mentioned by Lindsay.

Deciding the corpse should resurrect for the CC, Lindsay and Katherine visit his grave only to find him missing. Only a note is left there: "I AM HERE. I WILL NOT FORGIVE. I WILL NEVER STOP. EXPECT SUFFERING. -V"

Mission #8: Dark Graves

A small, CC-allied base stands in the middle of a field. Soldiers are seen standing around, talking and guarding the area, when someone is revealed to be watching them. In a short while, the figure is shown to quickly murder guards and create Manifestian portals all around the steel base. Four soldiers are shown to be fighting the Manifest: Viktor, Marlene, Ben, and Walter. Each blast away Manifest with their own weapons, and you, the player, must lead them out.

Majestic Service Missions


The Majestic Services is one of the few factions you can work for in CCL, and it can be discovered when you find their base, in a hill outside the CC Castle. Once you go in, your character will walk in and be knocked out by a mysterious, BB-like figure. When you awake, you are tied to a chair with Balloon Broken, the leader of the MS, staring at you. He tells you that since you found the MS, you have to become an agent or you will die. Your character will say they are from the CC, and he suddenly becomes interested in you. You still need to become an agent and swear to secrecy about info, but they will treat this as an alliance, Balloon Broken says. From there, MS missions can be done.

Easter Eggs


In the menu, if you press a combination on your keyboard, a section may appear named "???"

This section has multiple cutscenes which reveal major story to the player.

However, for the sake of this section, we will not give you spoil-76*6&*%7^5*

Cutscene 1: The Next Victim

A man with a scratchy voice is talking.

"Why won't you just die?!" A gun comes out from the left side of the screen, and a gunshot is fired. It's unknown what it hits, but it makes no sound.

"Die you stupid thing..." The sound of metal moving comes from the right. "How can this thing take 23 bullets to the head?!" He keeps shooting, but to no avail, then a dark green, wet, dirty, animatronic hand comes from the right, and a wet, dirty animatronic moves to the left and is heard grabbing the man.


The animatronic says "[REDACTED]", then the tape ends, the rest is unknown.

Sam's Fate

Faceless Sam, from the previous Cutting Crew game, is not present in Legacy. This is explained by a small Easter egg within Mission #6. Sam is seen running from the virus in a Cutscene, just before Xavier is revealed, which means he has been lying within Sancterium City. Later on in the mission, a black top hat flies in the air, the exact one Sam wore in the previous Cutscene. While never explained, it's assumed Sam was infected with Crystalization Manifestation. Some even speculate that Sam's body was used as a vessel for Armageddon-113115, as he appears in that same mission.


-I recreated the page from Deuce Ex Machina to make it canonical to the Kingdoms Saga, a series of RPs that told a story between multiple kingdoms, such as the RK, the CK, and the AK. The thing that corrupted the timeline was Chef's death and Katherine's alliance to the CC: The events occurred at the wrong times.

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