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A DLC created for Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina. Unlike most other DLCs and the main game itself, this DLC was made solely by Gaomon Gamez, and sort of serves as an apology for barely working on the main game themselves. It can be bought after reaching Mission 3 in the Cutting Crew storyline for real money, costing $8.


Taking place slightly before the main story of the game, and then during said story, this DLC follows the actions of the Robot Kingdom during the war with the Manifestation. The game centers around both battles with the Manifestation, fending off pesky bandits that may get in the player's way, saving innocent villages from said bandits, and gaining more followers through helping others.


Chapter I: Bandit Problem

The start of the DLC has King Freddy and a few generic soldiers entering a bandit hideout in order to give the food and money back to the villagers. This is a tutorial-esque mission, even though the player would have already had to go through one to get to it. The generic soldiers are playable, but their stats are just horrible compared to King Freddy's. Finally, the soldiers will become non-playable at the end of this mission, so anything they find or earn is going to waste, further edging you to give every item and kill to the King (The Dragon Katana has unlimited durability, so don't worry about breaking it). At the end of the mission, King Freddy searches through the bandit leader's corpse for the things the villagers are missing, but he finds nothing. Agitated and confused, the King is about to head back home, before spotting a strangely colored cave near the bandits. Upon closer inspection, it's clear that the bandits are this color too. King Freddy tells his soldiers to return to the castle, and he enters the cave alone. This ends the first Chapter, and the player is brought right to the second one.

Chapter II: Manifesting Scares

Entering the cave, King Freddy finds that not only is it full of strange creatures, but the color he saw from outside wasn't just a simple trick of the eye. Going even deeper, he is able to find a Mana Fountain, and a tutorial on those begin. After finishing explaining it to the player, King Freddy tells them that he himself, not being a magic user, cannot use these fountains, but it's strange to see that it's the only thing not corrupted. After going a little deeper and fighting off some more monsters, King Freddy comes across what he assumes is their leader, a giant purple and pink spider... thing. Unsheathing his weapon, he prepares to fight it before he is attacked from the back by another one of the beasts, making him trip. He stares up at the Boss, awaiting his fait, before a fireball comes from behind him and destroys the enemy in a single hit. Shocked, he turns around to see his most trusted Mage, Fredbear 2.0, coming out of the Mana Spring to save him. Fredbear helps the King up and casts a simple healing spell on him, bringing him back to full health. The player's control now switches to Fredbear 2.0, and they must defeat the spider. After doing so, King Freddy is told by Fredbear that he's been missing for several days, and that he came to investigate. Confused, the King walks out, only to see broad daylight. He and Fredbear enter a forest, and see a village up ahead. The game then cuts right to the third Chapter after fading out.

Chapter III: Traps of the Springy Variety

This mission starts with a cutscene. The player sees the Robot Kingdom castle, before the camera goes deeper underground and discovers a dark dungeon below the happy surface. They see a figure punch down a door and escape, sending various alarm sounds to guards all across the Kingdom. The figure is revealed to be Springtrap, and the mission starts with him smirking outside his cell. Springtrap controls like he does in the other DLC of the game, he is fast and strong, and can summon Phantoms to do his bidding, but he must constantly kill enemies to feed his killing instinct, failing to do so will result in the screen cutting to black and a game over occurring. After wandering through the dungeon for a minute or so, the player will come across Queen Chica tied to the wall, to which Springtrap will respond with "They retained me for so long, and they didn't even tell me about Fifty Shades of Fazbear's movie adaption? They're no better than me!" Interacting with her again will only cause her to sigh. She cannot be killed, and if you were to hit her, she would just sway on the chains, and it would be wasting valuable time for Springtrap, but anyway... After leaving the dungeon, Springtrap fights his way to the entrance of the castle, and must lower the drawbridge while at the same time fighting off Robot Kingdom soldiers. If the player succeeds, Springtrap goes outside and finds three more soldiers, who are the bosses of this level. They are none other than the three soldiers that accomponied King Freddy in the first Chapter. After defeating them (They are simply slightly more powerful versions of regular soldiers), Springtrap is free to enter the outside, and cause as much havoc or anything that he wants.

After completing this Chapter, free-roam is unlocked for Kingdom Souls. However, at this time, only Springtrap is playable in free-roam. King Freddy and some other characters are unlocked for it after completing Chapter IV.

Chapter IV: The Forest Maze

King Freddy and Fredbear 2.0 make their way back to the Robot Kingdom castle, but on the way there, they come across a forest lined with monsters. Deciding to enter to make sure no villagers are injured should they happen to come across it, they start offing a few monsters on their way home. This level has many paths you can take to finish it, and each has a consequence. The easiest way to complete this level is to burn down the forest with a simple fire spell, but that makes this forest inaccessible for free roam, and gives the Robot Kingdom much less reputation with the nearby villages, who may use that forest to hunt. Another option is to simply kill the monsters one by one, which will take the longest, but will not affect the Robot Kingdom's relationship with the village. Finally, the player can simply choose to kill just some of the monsters, or none at all, and simply dart for the exit of the forest. Of course, this is one of the worst choices too, as the village will sell their items at a higher price, and may not even sell some things later down the line if you choose this choice. As the title suggests, this part is a maze, and must be traversed carefully in hopes that you don't set off any traps set by the monsters (The hunters become the hunted, no?).

Chapter V: Balloons From Above

In this chapter, the player controls Prince BB in an attempt to get Springtrap out of the Robot Kingdom castle. At first, the player is left running around the castle, attempting to hide away from Springtrap, if he finds them, the player must either run or die, as they are completely defenseless in their current state. After getting to Prince BB's room, the player is able to take a weapon from his secret hiding place (Which is never actually shown to the player), and must chase after Springtrap in order to get him out of the castle, or better yet, defeat him for good. Even though the player has a weapon at this point, Springtrap still overpowers Prince BB and the soldiers accompanying him by a long shot, so the player must use hit and run tactics in order to fight him. When he has been reduced to half his maximum health, Springtrap rushes for the door and leaves the castle. At this point, he is invincible to all damage, and any attempt to damage him will result in Prince BB being knocked back. The end of this Chapter shows King Freddy and Fredbear 2.0 arriving back at the castle, while Prince BB tells them what happened with Springtrap. King Freddy sighs, and prepares some soldiers to go find him.

Chapter VI: Double Trouble

The chapter begins with Springtrap fleeing the Robot Kingdom castle, weakened slightly by the wounds caused by Prince BB in the previous mission. He heads North slightly, before stopping near a village to take a break from running. The people of the village notice him, however, and are afraid of his presence. The chapter starts off simply enough, with Springtrap finding an inn to stay in for the night, while several villagers run in terror from his appearance alone. During the night, Springtrap is jumped by various Robot Kingdom soldiers, waking him up and forcing him to fight. This is where the real chapter begins. Springtrap can choose to engage the Robot Kingdom army directly, or set traps for them to walk into, putting his Killer Insinct up more so than if he were to do it normally. After defeating 20 Robot Kingdom soldiers, Springtrap is able to flee from the village, and takes shelter in the cave King Freddy found at the beginning of the game. The chapter ends with Springtrap struggling for breath inside the cave, as a creature growls behind him. He doesn't seem fazed at all by it's presence, and decides to fight it head on. The outcome is not known until several chapters later.

Chapter VII: Studying Magic

At the Robot Kingdom castle, Fredbear has brought it upon himself to teach almost everyone magic, so that they can fight even if they decide to leave their weapons at home. At this point, the only magic user the player could have had is Fredbear himself, so giving magic to the others won't hurt that much. King Freddy can only learn simple healing spells, while Prince BB can learn a few damaging spells of different elements. Clearly, Prince BB has much more magic potential than his father, and this is shown in both the spells they can learn, and the effectiveness of said spells. The chapter is not challenging at all, and simply explains how to use magic with characters that don't use magic as their primary method of attack, even if it is a little weak. After defeating a few monsters captured from places around the kingdom, King Freddy takes a break and discusses some things with his army's Tactictian.

Chapter VIII: Choice of the Nightmare

Unlike the other chapters, this opens straight into a level, rather than beginning with a cutscene. The player character is Golden King Freddy, and they are in a dark area with no objects to show them where to go. The player must, instead of walking forwards, walk backwards, and they will come across a lone creature on the ground. The player has the option of killing it or leaving it be, but no matter their choice, they will have to fight an onslaught of enemies after. If they succeed in defeating everything thrown at them, a door will appear. The player enters this door to find two sets of staircases. One leading up, the other leading down. This is a big moment in the deciding factor of the player's choices. If the player decided to burn down the forest in Chapter IV, or do nothing to the creatures there, if the player chose to kill the creature at the beginning of this Chapter, and if Springtrap has the most experience of all the playable characters up until this point, the game will automatically make Golden King Freddy descend the stairs. If the player done the opposite, and if King Freddy has the most experience of all characters, the player will automatically ascend the stairs. However, if the player saved the village, refused to kill the creature, and King Freddy does not have the highest experience count of all characters, a door opens in the middle of the two staircases leading forward. The player is then free to pick where they would like to go, but each path has a different boss, and will lead to different things down the line...

Going down the stairs is the easiest option to obtain, but that doesn't mean it's the best. The boss here is a giant, hunchbacked demon creature inside a lava filled room. The creature has long ranged attacks, though they do little damage. Leading the creature into the lava will actually heal it, so it's recommended to try and take it out quick, because if it does that, that's no good.

Going up the stairs leads the player to a slightly harder boss battle with an Angelic being. While the Angel cannot heal, it's attacks do slightly more damage than the Demon's, it's possible for the player to fall off the rooftop and get an instant game over, and it still has the same range as the demon. Even so, it's a bit squishier, and will get taken down moderately quicker.

Going through the middle takes the player to another room with two stairs, though this time it's forced to pick one or the other. After picking one, the player fights the designated boss, but instead of ending the level when they are defeated, a flight of stairs will appear, taking the player either up or down to the other boss. After defeating both, the level ends with King Freddy waking up and wondering exactly what happened.

Chapter IX: He Comes

Springtrap returns to the Robot Kingdom after recruiting a small army of bandits, hoping to destroy their king for good. However, the Robot Kingdom is also prepared, and along with their original forces, most of them can use magic now too. The player selects either Springtrap or King Freddy at the start of the mission, which changes the mission objectives to suit said character. As Springtrap, the player must hinder the Robot Kingdom's defenses while his army takes care of the attacking. As King Freddy, the player must defeat as much bandits as possible within the given time limit. No matter who the player picks, both armies will be either too tired to fight, or dead entirely. Though Springtrap has a second wind, and decides to attack King Freddy. Springtrap is blocked by a spell from Fredbear 2.0, though this also harms King Freddy slightly. Fully healed by one of his own spells at the cost of all mana, King Freddy must defeat Springtrap in an epic showdown. Springtrap's attacks are fast, varied, and unpredictable, making the battle very hard to win. If the player succeeds, King Freddy successfully has Springtrap on the ground, and must decide his fate. He can spare him or kill him. Sparing him is necessary if the player wants to play Springtrap's route, as killing him will lock it out.

If he is spared, his memory is wiped by Fredbear 2.0, and he is returned to the dungeon. If he is killed, the mission ends right there with Springtrap looking King Freddy in the eye with an angry glare. The screen cuts to black as a slashing sound is heard, ending the mission.

Chapter X: Parting Ways

This is the final time in the game the player can decide their alignment, which is based on the things they've done previously in the game. After defeating Springtrap in battle, King Freddy and Fredbear 2.0 are discussing Springtrap's current state (Or where to bury him if he was killed), when reports of several shady figures around the area come in. King Freddy tasks a few of his guards to find the figure, so they give chase. The player plays as new Robot Kingdom soldier "Abel", and is accompanied by the soldiers from the previous missions, now named "Kent, Sain, and Cain" as they pursue the figure. This mission goes on for quite a while, as it happens in the free-roam area of the map, so there is plenty to do. If the player enters the cave they were in at the start, Abel and Kent must fight the Manifestation Cave Crawler again, but it's slightly weaker, and gives a lot of experience to them. Entering the forest (If it's still there) causes Abel and Cain to fight a Forest Nymph who believes they are there to destroy it, and entering the Robot Kingdom dungeon will cause Springtrap (If he survived) to snap back to his senses and attack Abel and Sain (However, he is knocked back to losing his memories).

After finding the figure, Abel, Kent, Sain and Cain must duel the figure. The figure fights in phases all of all the other boss' attack patterns that you've met up until this point. First, he fights like the Manifestation Cave Crawler, and summons Manifestation creatures to attack you. Second, he begins to fight like Springtrap, being fast and hard to predict, and finally, he decides to fight like either the Angel or the Demon, depending on which characters are still in the fight. If under two are there, he decides to fight like the Demon, if 3 or more are there, he fights like the Angel. After Abel delivers the final blow to him, the figure disintegrates, leaving a strange sword behind. Cain suggests they take the sword and show it to the King, but Kent is quick to tell him otherwise. It could be a trap. Depending on the decision, they can take the sword to show to the King (Adding a point to Dark path), leave the sword be, but tell the King (Light path), or leave the sword be, but speak of it to no one (Neutral path). After selecting an option, the player returns to the kingdom. This is the player's final decision, as after this, they are locked into their alignment.

Chapter XI (Light): Finding the Blade


Chapter XI (Neutral): The Man from the Shadows


Chapter XI (Dark): Power of Gangrelite

After taking Gangrelite to King Freddy via Cain's orders, Abel is shocked at the sheer power it possesses, shown when it is able to kill one of the Kingdom's prisoners when Cain simply slashes at them. King Freddy takes the blade from the knights for further research, and the Knights discuss what to do with it. Cain suggests that they take the blade and hunt Bandits with it, which the player can either do or deny, but no matter the player's choice, it is taken in the morning (By Abel if the player chose to, by Cain if they didn't). While the entire Kingdom is in fear of who could possibly have Gangrelite, Cain and Abel are out hunting various bandits. This mission, like the previous mission, is in free-roam, though the player cannot accept any side quests at this time, and it is more just the free-roam map rather than true free-roam. After locating and effortlessly killing various bandits (As Abel or Cain), the player is brought back to the Robot Kingdom, where they return the blade to it's original place. Cain jokingly says that it was fun and that they should do it again, to Abel's agreement or disgust (Depending on the player's choices).

Chapter XII (Dark): Sain and Kent

Abel is woken up early in the morning by Cain, who has something important to tell them. Apparently, either Sain or Kent saw them returning Gangrelite the previous day, and has told the other. They are both planning to tell King Freddy about what they saw. Abel sighs angrily at Cain for making him take the blade, but Cain suggests they do something. Abel asks what that "something" is, and Cain explains they must silence both of them without causing a stir in the kingdom. There are multiple ways to complete this mission, but the main objective is to kill both Sain and Kent. The player can act stealthily and kill them within the castle walls, or they can lie that they are going on a journey, and assassinate them safely in the forest. Failing to kill them once will result in them being wary of you, and they will either hide (Sain) or attack on sight (Kent) the next time they see you. After killing both of them, Cain suggests they hide their bodies somewhere where nobody would find them. The dialogue choices are "Down a cliff", "In a river" or "The king's underwear drawer." Picking the latter will cause Cain to roll his eyes and ask you again. Picking the latter 60 times will cause Cain to punch Abel, resulting in a small chunk of health lost, however, it's not possible to die from this. After hiding the bodies somewhere, the level ends with a screenshot of Cain and Abel walking away from a cliffside (Down a cliff) or a river bank.

Chapter XIII (Dark): Trial of the Phoenix

While most of the kingdom is busy looking for the "missing" Sain and Kent, Abel is in his room feeling guilty about what he had done. He had killed things before, yes, but he had never killed anyone who had done nothing wrong. Abel begins to question his brother's sanity, as he is interrupted by Cain himself. The king wants to see Abel and Cain in the throne room immediately. Fearing the worst, Abel suggests they flee, but Cain laughs it off and continues to the throne room. Despite Abel's best wishes, attempting to leave the castle at this time will only cause Cain to scold the player and take them there himself. Arriving in the throne room, Abel greets the king with utmost respect as he is told the current situation. Apparently, when Kent and Sain went missing, there were reports of shady figures around the entire Kingdom. Abel and Cain, being the King's current strongest forces, are sent to investigate. When they leave the castle, Cain tells Abel that there was of course nothing to worry about, and that he's made sure no one in the Kingdom will ever see through their ways. Abel is still rather worried, though, and decides to sit this mission out. Returning to his room, a figure forms in front of Abel, with strange speech. "Huehuehuehuehuehue", it speaks to him. All of Abel's dialogue choices at this point are genuine confusion.

Cain returns to Abel's room to remind him that they are orders from King Freddy himself, and that they must be followed, but he returns to see no one in Abel's room. Thinking he had already left, Cain decides to begin the mission alone and find Abel when he can. Abel is teleported to a strange room, with creatures in cages on the ceiling, along with many traps around the room. A sign in front of Abel tells him to fight for his life if he wants to live, and before he can comprehend this sign, the creatures drop from the cages and begin to hunger for Abel's blood. The enemies are rather easy, and it shouldn't take much effort to defeat one of them. However, if they all gang up on the player at once, they can be quite a big nuisance. The player must defeat all of them before the second phase of the battle begins. A Phoenix descends from the ceiling, with the same speech patterns the figure in Abel's room had earlier. "Huehuehuehuehue" Abel is fully healed, and the level's real battle begins. For this point in the game, Phobe's stats are insanely high, and Abel will barely able to be to any damage to it.

However, upon reaching half of its maximum HP, the battle will end automatically, and a story sequence will trigger. In this sequence, it is explained that Phobe was looking for someone with Abel's determination. Despite being much, much weaker than his foe, he continued to fight to the very end... erm, middle. At this point, Phobe offers a deal. Abel can either end the battle now and get Phobe as a party member, or "kill" Phobe and recieve experience. No matter the player's choice, doing either will end the chapter, and Phobe will join the party, even if the player slayed it (It will simply say it admires Abel's strength, as well as his determination and will join because he can).

At the end of the Chapter, Abel wakes up in a strange forest. All the trees in the forest are of a strange color, and barely any animal life can be seen. Abel feels something in his mind, something about calling a Phoenix to battle if he ever feels he needs to, or something along the lines of that. Abel is then found by Cain, who also happened to be wandering this part of the forest. Cain scolds Abel for taking a nap during his duty, but eventually gives up and decides to lie down too. Abel and Cain discuss what will happen if the Kingdom ever finds out about Sain and Kent's true killers, but even with Cain's constant saying that no one will ever know, Abel is still slightly worried. The chapter ends with the camera zooming out of a snoozing Cain.

Chapter XIV (Dark): Unknown Forces

Abel and Cain awake in the strange forest later in the night, with sounds of running behind them. Annoyed, Cain decides to chase down the person, resulting in the beginning of the mission. At the start, the only playable character is Cain, though Abel and Phobe become playable near the end. Cain chases the person into another strange part of the forest, where it seems the trees get more and more decayed and strangely colored. Cain is lead into a cave, where an incredible amount of animatronics seem to live. Backing out slightly, Cain is spotted by one of them and forced to fight. This level is a constant onslaught of enemies, meaning Cain won't get any time to restore his MP, which in turn means that it's not recommended to use Meteodyne, as this will take away almost all of his MP, leaving him a weak punching bag. After defeating a certain number of enemies, Abel appears as a reinforcement, and due to the sheer amount of enemies worrying him slightly, Phobe appears to assist. The player can now switch to Abel or Phobe, which will restore Cain's MP to full and give the player more freedom on who to control. After defeating many, many enemies, a giant animatronic appears, which Cain identifies as Abomination. The Abomination fights slowly, but his attacks do massive damage (One hit will knock out Phobe, and do heavy damage to Abel. It will hurt Cain quite a bit, too) However, his weakness is the giant red spot on his back. At first, Cain questions why such a creature would have such an easy weakspot, but he decides not to think of it too much, and fights. Phobe can do heavy damage on his own, while Cain can barely do anything with it being rather hard to aim Magic at times, Abel will do decently.

After the enemy falls, the forest suddenly loses its strange colors and returns to being mostly green. However, the trees that seemed to have died are still dead, making Cain question what it was he just encountered. Phobe returns to the Animatronic Kingdom via Fire-Teleportation or something similar, and Abel is tired out after a long day of battling. They decide to rest in the cave and continue their journey tomorrow. The Chapter ends with a shot of Abel and Cain sleeping, while a pink liquid behind them slithers its way out of the cave, with a storm going on. The liquid soaks itself into the ground, making some of the grass look like a path, while leaving the rest intact. Abel and Cain continue to snooze as the screen darkens, ending the Chapter.

Chapter XV (Dark): Strange Paths

The Chapter opens with Abel and Cain snoozing in the cave, just like the previous one ended. Abel awakes and walks to the entrance of the cave to get some fresh air. He watches the forest in wonder, just the previous night, almost everything here had been dead, but with a simple battle, everything had returned to normal. He wakes up Cain in order to get going, and after a quick meal of fish the two catch, they decide to continue on their quest. Cain walks ahead of the two, causing him to ask Abel if anything's wrong. Abel replies that he's extremely worried that King Freddy will find out what they have done, but Cain cuts him off by saying he's worrying far too much. Cain continues with the walk, but Abel trips and notices something about the path. Despite its rocky texture, it feels rather grassy. He tells this to Cain, and after a bit of convincing, his brother feels the ground too, and as Abel said, it feels rather grassy.

Cain continues onward, there must be something ahead, and Abel reluctantly agrees to go on. Reaching the end of the path, they notice a small fort in the distance. Various people walk around it, most of which having weapons. Cain grins and tells Abel they may have found someone to blame Kent and Sain's deaths on, which takes a small load off Abel's shoulders. However, it seems some of them have noticed the two from afar, and gunshots are heard. The player can choose to flee the area, or stay and fight. The latter is harder, though will give more experience and weapons, while the former is much easier, though the player will miss out on some goodies. No matter the option, Abel and Cain are cornered by some soldiers, and Abel fails to summon Phobe, so they are alone. They must fight there way through many Manifestation soldiers in order to reach the exit of the forest, which will take them back to the Robot Kingdom.

Upon reaching the end, they are attacked by another large number of Manifestation soldiers. Cain notices how different they are from Robot Kingdom soldiers, and how ridiculous their armour looks, which angers them even more. This time, Phobe is able to be summoned, though it looks rather annoyed. Abel, Cain and Phobe defeat most of the army, and flee back to the Robot Kingdom. This time, Phobe decides to stay with them instead of going home, as it wants to greet King Freddy for some reason or another.

Chapter XVI (Dark): Returning to the Robot Kingdom

On the way back, Abel, Cain and Phobe stop in a Robot Kingdom village to rest their bones tired from both fighting and running for their lives just a few short hours ago. However, their rest soon turns into yet another battle when they find out they were not resting in a normal village, but were actually in Xantania. Phobe remembers the place from an attack it carried out once, but Abel and Cain are almost blind (And as such, the Map screen is only available to Phobe in this mission), so Phobe takes the lead. They find a bandit leader, and battle him for access to his crew's hideout. Upon being beaten, he allows them inside, though he doesn't keep his word fully. He lets them in, but attempts to kill Cain during his sleep. If he succeeds, the player receives a game over and must restart the mission.

To get him away, either Phobe or Abel must kill him when he sneaks in, but before he gets the chance to murder Cain. In a way, this part of the game is similar to Fun with Plushtrap from Five Nights at Freddy's 4, as if the player wins (on their first attempt), they will get a bonus in a later Chapter. When the player succeeds in killing him, the three finally rest their tired bones and head off for the Robot Kingdom, starting the second part of the Chapter.

Arriving back at the Robot Kingdom, the guards outside are shocked to see Phobe, but assume he was the killer of Sain and Kent, and let the three through. They meet King Freddy inside the Throne Room, where they tell him that the Manifestation were the ones to kill Kent and Sain. King Freddy realizes that the Manifestation must be extremely powerful if they could best both Sain and Kent, King Freddy decides that he will engage in a war with them, to make sure nothing would happen to any of the innocent villages of the Robot Kingdom. Abel and Cain agree, and Phobe sits in the corner of the Throne Room, which King Freddy pretends he doesn't notice. Gathering his army, King Freddy makes a motivational speech about how, despite some of their recent losses, the Robot Kingdom is still as powerful as ever. He gives Cain and Abel the authority to lead the entire army, and walks off. Abel and Cain turn to the army they can now command, and the screen slowly fades to black.

It is at this point in the game where several optional playable characters appear to be recruited by doing certain things. Along with that, many sidequests open up that allow the player to obtain weapons, items and armour for their characters that they wouldn't be able to get otherwise.

Chapter XVII (Dark): Abel's Decision



Throughout the game, various sidequests will become available to the player by doing certain things. Completing these sidequests will result in a reward being presented to the player, be that a new character, weapon, or anything else of the sort. A list of sidequests can be seen below.

The Lynx's Sidequests

These sidequests are dotted throughout the world, and the player must complete all of them in order to recruit The Lynx. The challenge level of each sidequest changes depending on the path being played by the player, though the overall goal will remain the same.

Hidden Mansion

In this sidequest, the player can either choose to protect a Mansion, or help several thieves rob it (In the Light and Dark paths, this is chosen automatically, though in the Neutral path, the player can choose which to do). Choosing the former will have the player defeating a certain number of thieves in the time limit, being assisted by Toy Ricky, while picking the latter results in the player getting as much treasure as they can within the time limit, being assisted by Selena Squirrel. At the end of the sidequest, should the player meet their goal, they will have to fight the other "Leader" in a boss battle (If they sided with Toy Ricky, it's Selena, and vice versa). Defeating them causes them to either die or retreat, depending on the path. The one who assisted you in the battle will then join you.


Every playable, enemy and summonable character in the game.


King Freddy

King Freddy is the main character for Kingdom Souls up until Chapter 10, and is treated as being one of the best. He is well rounded in all stats, having good HP, defense, and great attack, while having decent speed. His greatest offside is that he cannot attack with a ranged attack until much later in the game, limiting his usability in certain missions. His Dragon Katana is a great weapon that does a lot of damage, has a chance to poison and cannot break with use, making him a good character to use if you want to breeze through levels. However, he himself is very vulnerable to every status condition, and they all do 2x the effect to him. He is playable in the Light and Neutral paths.

Fredbear 2.0

Fredbear 2.0 is a Mage-type character, having great magic stats, and resistance to status effects, while having mostly poor stats everywhere else, aside from speed, which Fredbear 2.0 has a LOT of. He, unlike most mages, can use every type of magic, disregarding Dark Magic, and is an excellent early game Mage. Though, he leaves soon after he joins, and does not join again until much later in the game, and by that time the player will have recruited even better Mages, along with other fast characters, making him a bit insignificant in the late-game. He is playable in every path.


Springtrap is a very powerful character. At the time of playing as him for the first time, the most damage the player would have done would have been in the hundreds, and they could barely get that high with the other two characters. Springtrap easily reaches 1000+ damage at the time he joins, making him an excellent fighter. Only problem is his extremely poor defensive stats, making him a glass cannon. He can also summon Phantom animatronics to fight for and with him, all of which at different prices. To summon Phantoms, Springtrap must sacrifice some of his "Killer Instinct" bar to bring them into the world. Sadly, this bar also drains over time, and if it drains it's an instant game over, leaving Springtrap a character only good to play if there are multiple enemies around the player. Other than that, Springtrap is just mediocre, and could be switched out for a slightly better character later in the game, even though that character cannot summon Phantoms. Springtrap can also set traps for enemies to run into, which increases his "Killer instinct" much more than if he were to kill them directly. And that's all there is to Springtrap, a character that's amazing at the beginning of the game, but soon becomes rather average when compared to the others. He is playable briefly near the beginning, and later in the Dark path.

Prince BB

Playable for a short time during Chapter V, Prince BB is rather well rounded... later in the game. During the player's first time with him, he is slow, does pretty bad damage, and has rather low defensive stats. His only good thing at this point in the game is his rather large amount of HP, and his extremely powerful signature weapon, which can put him on par with King Freddy, even with his low base stats. Using Prince BB will guarantee a good unit later in the game, but the first few Chapters using him will be rather hard. He is playable in the Light and Neutral paths.


Katt is the Robot Kingdom's Tactictian, and is one of the most all around characters in the game. She is decent at magic, decent at fighting with swords, decent HP, decent defense... If you want a character who's strength isn't offset by any weaknesses, Katt's your gal... because she has none. Of course, due to all her stats being average, she doesn't really excel in anything, and she pales in comparison to characters that focus on that specific stat, but being an all-round character, Katt is good at doing what she does. She is playable in the Light and Dark paths.


The main character of the game after Chapter 10, Abel is probably one of your best choices. He's slightly focused towards strength and speed rather than magic, Abel is still pretty well rounded. His MP is rather low, so he can usually only cast one or two spells at a time, and they're usually rather low leveled ones, so it's best to give him healing spells rather than damaging ones. Abel is the only character that can equip ********, ******* and Gangrelite, the most powerful weapons in the game. He is playable in every path of the game.


Representing the Light path of the game, Kent is a loyal and responsible Knight of the Robot Kingdom. While he's very bulky and strong in-game, he's awfully slow, and his magic power is next to none. However, he has a custom weapon that only he can equip, the Red Rose, which increases his speed dramatically. It's sadly lost when the player obtains *********, though, but by that point, Kent's speed will probably be on par with a few other characters that don't focus on speed, making him a valuable asset throughout the Light path. He is only playable in the Light path.


Representing the Neutral path of the game, Sain is a laid-back, lazy, "Ladies man" and yet is somehow still a high ranking Knight of the Robot Kingdom. Sain is one of two characters that the player has access to that can wield Bows, making him a good (and only) archer to use in the Neutral path. He has a unique bow known as the Maéfer's Bow, which has been passed down to him from generations ago. This bow allows him to shoot powerful arrows in quick succession, but it is sadly lost when the player obtains *******. By this point, Sain will be fast and hard to hit, though he won't be able to take much of a beating, making it best to have him in the back lines, shooting arrows from afar. Sain is only playable in the Neutral path.


Cain is the brother of Abel, and is a high ranking, intelligent and slightly sadistic member of the Robot Kingdom army. He is a bulky mage character, making it good for him to be on the front lines casting powerful spells and then restoring his MP via some potions or Mana Springs. While Cain is bulky and powerful, like Kent, he is awfully slow, and this actually doesn't get fixed later in the game. He has a unique tome known as Meteodyne, which is the most powerful magic attack in the game, though it takes a while to start up. Unlike the other characters, this tome is not lost when the player receives Gangrelite, as the player already had it. Cain is only playable in the Dark path.


Phobe is the leader of the Animatronic Kingdom, and has an unknown gender. Phobe's gameplay focuses on being generally annoying to its opponents, with its high speed and many abilities that cause damage over time. Sometimes, if Phobe is defeated in combat, it will revive right next to the enemy that killed it with full HP, though this effect is disabled on most bosses. Phobe's HP, even at it's maximum level, is also rather low, making it a good character for rushdown strategies. Its strength and magic are around equal, making it good for both straight up attacking and using magic to annoy the heck out of its foes. Phobe only joins the player in the Dark path.

The Lynx

The Lynx can be recruited in every path in the game, though must first be met through a series of Sidequests that vary in difficulty depending on the path played. The Lynx is similar to Phobe in that he is extremely fast and can deal high damage, though his HP is extremely low, so he can't take much of a beating himself. He can fight with both Swords and Rapiers, which change how one plays as him quite a bit. He may leave the party if the player chooses to save someone else in another Sidquest, though.

Selena Squirrel

Selena can be recruited in the Dark and Neutral paths of the game, and her Sidequest is one of the first ones available. Due to her being a Thief, she is very agile, though her damage is not very good. This is offset by her ability to avoid attacks much easier than other characters, and finds a very easy time giving off Critical Hits to others. Selena can also open most doors and chests in the game without using a key, giving her more freedom on where to go. However, like Phobe and The Lynx, Selena has very low HP, which means using her is quite the risk. She can use Knives and Swords to fight with.

Toy Ricky

Toy Ricky is a very defensive character, and Ex-General of the Robot Kingdom. When he is first recruited, he is only very defensive, with all his other stats being incredibly low. However, after he has gained experience, he will turn from a slow moving wall to a Medium speed Tank. However, this comes at the cost of his Magic, which is next to none, meaning he can only cast one low leveled spell before having to restock his MP, the spell won't be very powerful either, so it's far more worth it giving Magic to other characters and healing him instead.


Golden King Freddy

Recieved about halfway through the game, Golden King Freddy is a powerful summon with a medium recharge time of 4 minutes. He differs from the main game in that he has only one possible effect, (which is his default one in the main game), but it's possible to Summon him many times in a row. He can only be summoned by King Freddy, and you must sacrifice a tiny bit of HP to summon him, but it's worth it.

Springtrap's Phantoms

Springtrap has Phantoms he can summon to aid him in his battle. They cost a little of his Killer Instinct gauge to summon, though, so it's recommended the player has a decently large supply of either the bar or enemies around them before they summon anything. Springtrap can summon Phantom Freddy, Phantom Chica, Phantom Foxy and Phantom Mangle. Each has different strengths with Phantom Freddy being the strongest with close combat, Phantom Chica being the best magically, Phantom Foxy being the fastest, and Phantom Mangle being the hardest to hit.


Bandit Leader

The leader of the bandits that King Freddy and co. go to stop in Chapter I. He's a strange dog-like animatronic, with various scars around his face. He fights with an axe and swords, and speaks with a very strange accent that the King has never heard before. He has little health and defense, but his attack is gigantic. Fighting him with one of the three generic soldiers triggers a special scene, hinting that they know each other from somewhere. He is killed at the end of Chapter I.

Manifestation Cave Crawler

A variation of the "Cave Crawler" seen in the main game, this one has been possessed by the Manifestation, and is extremely hostile. It looks just like the Cave Crawler, but the colors on it's body have been replaced with pink and purple. It appears to be a female, as it is able to lay eggs to send baby spiders to fight King Freddy and Fredbear 2.0. Her attacks consist of swiping at the characters, laying eggs to deploy minions, shooting webs at a character that can slow them down or stop them completely for a while (Depending on how many gets on them) and roaring, which startles the characters for a moment (Some characters are immune to being startled, but they cannot be used against this boss). She is killed in a cutscene right after Chapter II, by Fredbear 2.0.

Robot Kingdom Elite Soldiers (Sain, Kent and Cain)

The three soldiers that helped King Freddy during Chapter I return in Chapter III as a boss for Springtrap to fight. Each of them are slightly more powerful than regular enemies encountered as Springtrap. They cannot be damaged by just spamming attacks, as they will begin to block if an attack is used too much against them, meaning Springtrap must use a mixture of standard attacks and Phantoms to take them down. They all share a health bar, at the top of the screen. When a third of it is down, one of them dies, when the next third is the other dies, and when the final health disappears, the final soldier dies. They are pretty easy bosses, even together, and actually become regular enemies later in the game.

Beast from Below the Stairs

The boss the player faces as Golden King Freddy if they descend the staircase. It's attacks spread throughout the entire battle area, making them difficult to avoid. However, he will do little damage to Golden King Freddy, as the latter's stats are super buffed for this point in the game, coupled with the Golden Bloodbringer, his signature weapon. Defeating this boss requires timed jumps over a few on his attacks, and then wailing on him with all the player's might.

Angel from the Rooftop

Going up the stairs leads the player to a different battle, though there will be some dialogue before it starts. The Angel questions Golden King Freddy's thoughts of the Gods, and the player is free to tell the Angel what they think, which will highly change the player's alignment. Choosing any of the options will cause the Angel to fight the player, to either "Show his true faith", or "Punish those who have sinned." Defeating the Angel is arguably harder than defeating the Beast, though they have similar attacks, the Angel's does much more damage. The battlefield is a rooftop, which means the player can fall of if they're not careful enough. Defeating the Angel, depending on the player's answer, will lead to different responses, though they all end the level.


The penultimate boss of the path split, Springtrap is a formidable foe, as he will match the player's stats and sometimes increase his own via various powers. Like the playable Springtrap, he is fast and powerful, and can summon Phantoms to aid him in battle (However, for the fight against King Freddy, his Phantom Freddy summon is disabled) however, he must defeat the player quickly, because he may go mad with power and destroy the very Kingdom he wishes to rule. After defeating him, he is either killed or spared, which heavily alters the endings the player can receive.

Shadowy One

The Shadowy One is a boss that combines all attack methods from previous bosses (Disregarding Kent, Sain and Cain) and uses them against the player. Defeating him will only require what the player did to defeat said boss. Depending on the route chosen, the player may have to fight him multiple times, each time gaining more and more forms, due to the player's other victories.


Fought in the Light and Dark routes, Phobe is an insanely powerful enemy. In the Light route, it is able to revive three times after being killed unless the player has a weapon only obtainable through very specific sidequests, and even then, it will do very little damage to it. In the Dark path, it fights from the ceiling and casts a constant barrage of Fire spells at Abel. To defeat it, Abel must wait until it descends to gather up mana (Naturally, it does this by eating a burrito) and then attack it with all his might. Upon reaching half HP, Phobe will end the fight automatically, triggering a story sequence.


A giant, hulking figure under the possession of the strange animatronics found in the cave. Abel, Cain and Phobe fight this creature during the Dark path. It's attacks will deal massive damage to every character, and attacks against it's front will do barely anything. However, it has quite an obvious weak point on its back, meaning any attack there will to extravagant damage to it. Defeating it may prove a challenge to some, but playing as Phobe gives the player a significant advantage, due to its speed.


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