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Cyanide is Stiletto's partner from an unknown circus/amusement park.

Appearance Edit

Cyanide is a grey cat with black stripes in a blue spy jumpsuit. He also carries a cyanide sprayer in a holster and takes it out when he has his endoskeleton eyes.

Behavior Edit

Daytime Edit

Cyanide is often snarky and brutally honest, but almost never to the children. This attitude is almost always directed towards the staff, making him quite annoying. Of course, he loves Stiletto dearly. The two are inseperable.

Nighttime Edit

Cyanide is like a less severe version of Stiletto. An extra trait he has is that he disables cameras occasionally. He moves faster than Stiletto, but still kind of slowly.

Hallucinations Edit

  • A full-screen image of Stiletto and Cyanide kissing covered in blood appears.

Voice Edit

Cyanide has a regular male voice.

Jumpscare Edit

Cyanide sprays you with a hydrogen cyanide sprayer like the ones used by the KGB.

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