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Golden Toy Foxy: welcome to diamond cove! a place to explore and rock! Diamond foxy: and be safe! any death or things is not are falt.... its the purple mans.... or Withered Jack 2.0 (Golden Toy Foxy 2.0).... Stella: and look for me!



leader, electric violin, ghostly, fluffamtronic, has a DR. mode.

Golden Toy Foxy

Golden Toy Foxy


ghost, singer, hunt for me character, sassy, smart, more coming for her. AIDAN THE HEDGEHOG! PLEASE TELL ME MORE ABOUT ARE FRIENDS CHARACTER!

DF's puppets


phil is a blue unicorn who is on the good side. he is a pirate like DF.

dark bonnie

dark bonnie is a black bonnie with a white tux and red bow tie. he is a bad guy. he is rich.


buddi is a red bunny with an ice cream truck uniform. he is good. he sells ice cream.

diamond foxy

you know him. hes good.

plushie king

The Plushie King. he is anti.

purple puppet

Purple Puppet. he is bad.


mix is a grey pirate bunny. he has a hook and eye patch. he is good.

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