Daniel's Diner is a restaurant that was started to be built during 1983 and was finished 1995.It is successful and still going.


Daniel-He is the first animatronic to be finished.He is a light brown and reddish brown bear.

Terrence-He is a grayish brown fox.He is the second animatronic to be finished.

Kelly-She is a female Pomeranian husky animatronic.She is in love with Dusty.

Dusty-He is a male gray wolf.He is in love with Kelly.He escaped from McDonalds and went to the restaurant,where he met the others.

Calvin-He is a green bear that monitors the power and electricity of the building.


The restaurant is large,and is made out of bricks,stone,metal,and wood.It is rectangular in shape,and has a sign above the doors that has the animatronics painted on it,and words that say "Welcome to Daniel's Diner!".It has 5 dining rooms,and one big show stage,with a backstage where Calvin monitors the electricity.


The restaurant was started to be built in 1983 and was finished in 1995.When the suits of the animatronics were created,Purple Man murdered 4 more children,and stuffed them into the suits.Purple Man was never caught,because the bodies were never noticed.When Dusty joined the band,Purple Man struck again,and killed another child,and stuffed him into Dusty,who Purple Man deactivated.The murder was noticed,but the child's body was never found.The diner is still in business,and is successful and working well.

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