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Dare any of my OCs! You can dare any upcoming ones too.


Dare 1 (Example)

??? (to Icy): I dare you to destroy your wing!

Icy: Fine. *destroys wing*

Dare 2

Swan (to anyone): I dare you to remove your eyeballs. Done.

Holly: *removes costume eyes, throws across the room, hitting Mina, thus, revealing Holly's human eyes* There. Happy?

Swan: Absolutely not. Now, if you will excuse me. *grabs a mask and starts chewing on it*

Dare 3

Golden Freddy: i dare holly to abandon her pacifist ways for 7 nights, also i t s m e

Holly: ._. Fine... *quits being a pacifist*

*7 nights later*

Golden Freddy: *sees all the blood in P/S* wow... always remember: I M W A T C H I N G Y O U

Holly: *arms on hips* And this is why you do not dare me to do this! (I mean, you can do it if you want to, but I highly do not recommend it)

Dare 4

Violet: I dare Holly too... um, um, geegagoo! *picks up Holly doll and toy plane* *puts doll next to toy plane and drops the doll*

Holly: ?

Rose: I think she wants you to jump out of a plane.

Holly: *jumps off plane, nearly breaks all of her bones* Oww...

Violet: Parachute?

Dare 5

Springfield: I dare all of you to wear this Freddy costume and do the Chicken Dance on the Show Stage wearing it.

Holly: *shot in the head by Icy with tranquilizer dart*

Icy: Holly got us in this mess, so... I HAD TO SHOOT HER IN THE HEAD

Everybody except Holly: *does the dare*

Springfield: *shows everyone iPhone 6* I'm putting the video of Icy doing it on YouTube because she was mean to Holly!

Dare 6

Alex(To Anyone): I'd like to see you all try MY job.....Night guard. Get caught, you get destroyed. $20 a day. Up for it?

Holly: Icy deserves it for shooting me in the head! >:)

Icy: ._. Fine.. *gets caught almost instantly* CURSE YOU!!!

Fozie: *grabs Icy* SUP, SUCKA?!

Dare 7

Amy: I dare you to play tag. Instead of poking or grabbing someone when tagging, you smack the other on the head with a spatula!

Holly: Please be specific to who you're aiming the dare at...


Everybody: *does dare*

Holly: *gets smacked on the head by Icy, faints*

Icy: I DIDN'T DO IT!!! *runs away*

Dare 8

G.T. Foxy: I dare you all to dress like medieval people and RP Call of Duty in German.

Everybody: *does dare*

  • After the dare*

Dare 9

Spring (to anybody): Not really a dare, but, can you tell Springfield I did not copy le name? I'm from another wiki/dimension, and I may have even existed before her...... oh god dangit DO I HAVE TO DO A DARE?! Ok, do what I just said, but while doing it, someone else will be rapidly shooting you with Nerf bullets.. and you'll have to dance at the same time.

* Holly shoves Icy* Holly: Do it!

Icy: Fine. *does dare, when back, is covered by Nerf darts shot by Holly*

Dare 10

Croco: (to all) *A bunch of ununderstandable robot voices*

Dare 11

Dare 12

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