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WJ: Welcome one, welcome all!! GTF: Here's our own dare show! Just, don't kill us...

Dare 1

Springfield: I dare you to eat as many Lalaloopsy dolls as you can before a) getting sick b) throwing up or c) dying.

  • Both begin eating* *WJ throws up* *GTF gets sick and goes to the ER.*

GTF: *weak*

Dare 2

Mariah: I dare you to lock yourself in the Girls' Bathroom for a month. WJ: Oooh, yeah!!

  • 2 months later*

WJ: Muheheheheeh...

Dare 3

Willow: Dare you to race each other in Mario Kart 8! Loser does whatever the winner wants! GTF: Kay!

  • a few days later*

GTF: Do more push-ups!!! WJ: But I don't have legs!!

Dare 4

McKayla: Dare you to get the Purple Guy's autograph without dying. AND... Drive back home on an apocolyptic road.

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