Dare page! Hooray! Dare Springfield to do something! No sexual stuff.

Springfield: Let's do some dares...yay...

Dare 1

Toy Ivan: I dare Springfield to Yodel while jumping out of an airplane.


Freddy: DUDE! WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL??? *throws Toy Ivan across the country*

Toy Ivan: I regret nothiiiiiiiiiiiiing!

Dare 2

Aleck: I dare you to dance exactly like the characters shown in this video AND DO IT ON THE SHOW STAGE everyone will watch [[1]] click dat link for it

Springfield: *dances* *faints halfway through*

Dare 3

Diamond dares Springfield to walk around in a Freddy outfit

Springfield: *walks around* Dad is gonna kill me...

Dare 4

Dominick:I dare you to *laughs maniacally* do caramelldansen ON STAGE why cause it's tortured me my whole life

Springfield Okay. *ties Dominick to pole on stage* *turns on song* *uses dance moves to beat him*

Dare 5

Unkown Shadow Animatronic: I dare you to sing "You are a Pirate" with Foxy and Mangle until your ears bleed literally!

Springfield: I will. *gets on stage with Foxy and Mangle*

All 3: *sing*


All 3: *still singing*

Dare 6

A Totally Random Fox Endoskeleton: I dare you to jump off an airplane, into a cave, land on a seat in a rollercoaster, ride the rollercoaster, jump off halfway through, land in a spaceship, and go to space.. best dare ever.

Springfield: *does that* AHHHHHHHHHH!

(spaceship explodes midair)

Freddy: YOU SON OF A GUN! SHE'S GOING TO DIE!!! *shoves endoskeleton into suit*

A Totally Random Bare Fox Endoskeleton In A Weird Suit: *stuffed into a pirate freddy suit* MY EARS ARE NOT MADE FOR THIS! I DIDN'T KNOW THAT WAS GONNA HAPPEN!

Dare 7

Marco: Raid a small town of all of its toilets. Don't ask why, just do it!

Springfield: *pulls at toilet* Uh, this one is stuck!

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