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Darkwing is a human and the main antagonist of "Five Night's at Freddy's: Fear Reimagined". He is shown to have a very dark, twisted mind, and speaks with a very intimidating tone. He is tall, 6'5" to be exact, and weighs 236 pounds.


Darkwing, as mentioned above, is very twisted. He loves to make dark humor, and will act like everything is fine even though he has kidnapped you(In FNAFFR). Darkwing is known to talk about what he has done criminally in his life, as seen in his first phone call.


Darkwing's appearance is easy. He is dressed in black jeans with a black trenchcoat, and a black mask that covers his entire head, with eyes with holes where he sees out of, and a square part is cut out of the mask where his mouth is.

More info will be released once FNAFFR is completed.


  1. Contrary to speculation, Darkwing is Death himself, as stated by his fifth and final phone call from FNAFFR. The creator has not confirmed if he is or if he was just rambling on.
  2. It is never stated, but it is believed Darkwing has schizophrenia.

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