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An unfinished, upcoming (supposed to be) huge story with alot of chapters, and character progression for each of my characters, for now, I can only give you the prologue, and one work in progress chapter.


A month ago, a gray female animatronic was dismantled by a black hooded man, and "killed", rumors spread about the one who killed her being Xavier, but they eventually died out, it is still unknown who killed the animatronic, More animatronics may be next, and possibly even humans...

So be prepared.

Chapter 1

Wesko POV

I have this itch to try and get some help, I don't think she's coming back, she's basically little tiny burnt bits now according to the evidence Teelson found.. god dangit, I want to whip someone right now, I barely know her but I feel for her even as an animatronic! Oh well.. guess I should stop rambling about..

Wesko runs up to Teelson in the office.

"Do you know anything else about uhh.. the "murder", Teelson? I feel like there is more to it, such as how the "killer" smashed her into tiny bits, and somehow burnt her too, it also appears there were eyes left, but they were kind've... powered out, not able to see, like they were shut off somehow, like they were a prop, they didn't even have a glow to it, they were infact darker..." I say.

"It seems pretty odd, a tiny red S is also on one of the burnt hands, this person seems to have a similar killing tactic to Xavier, and looks like him, but, I don't know, can't we move on...?" Teelson says.

"Somethings off... S, theres something that relates to Spring with S... its the first letter in her name, but... ah, something is going on." I say.

"Probably, we may wanna ask Jack or something, he can teleport all over the place I think.. possibly he could find something?" Teelson says.

"Possibly." I say.

Wesko and Teelson go up to Mad Jack (Please don't question this, its not my character but MIB won't mind at all I bet).

"Hey, umm.. jack, do you know anything about the murder..? Possibly you could try and find something relating to it?" Teelson says.

"Well, I found a dark room with a green shade to it with a knife on the floor somewhere under where Spring died, like, in the ground." Jack says.

"Hm, reminds me of something..." Wesko says.


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