"I'm going to have fun breaking you, swine..." -To Lindsay, his captive.

Deadbear is a long-forgetten Fredbear incarnation, hidden away in the Inventory until the third game, where he was reactivated. He is a discolored Fredbear suit, with no eyes and wire hanging out of his limp body.


When Fazbear Entertainment bought Fredbear's Family Diner, they didn't just throw out the old animatronics; They tried remodeling Fredbear himself, but due to lack of funds, they threw out the suit, leaving him to rot in the Inventory.

30 years later, he was reactivated again, for use in the horror attraction called Darkness Alive. But, Deadbear took over the attraction and turned it into his personal torture attraction; He kindnapped Rose Evargarde and Jerry Smith, in an attempt to kill them. They survived, and Deadbear found his new ally; The Manifestation. In an attempt to take down the CC, Deadbear became a Manifest leader, and started his conquest to murder all.


Deadbear is a very fierce, very murderous animatronic. Total conquest is his goal, and determination and malovence fuels him.

Special Relations

Rainbow Man: He is one of the few people Deadbear respects, but due to his recent alliance to the CC, he has hated him.

Clarissa: He wants to manipulate her to join him in his goal, but she won't budge.

Voyenanna Mashina: He seems to have some past with her, as both were animatronics from Fredbear's, but this doesn't mean he doesn't hate her.


Deadbear, much like his nature, is very agressive in FNATInvent3. He moves very quickly, and you have little time between him moving and shutting the camera off to ward him away. In addition, if he gets to the office or the power runs out, a small music box song is heard, before the lights dim. His jumpscare is lifting you in the air, then an endoskeleton jaw chomping your head off. He has his own scream, a deep, slowed down mix of all the XSCREAMs.


Deadbear has similiar hallucinations to Freddy; both can be seen staring into cameras, with real human eyes, and he can also appear limp in the Office like Golden Freddy, working almost the same as him, except he doesn't crash your game.

The Night 5 phone call from FNAF1 can sometimes be heard while he is moving, oddly enough.

Games He Appears In

-The main antagonist in Five Nights At The Inventory 3.

-A side antagonist in Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina.


-Obviously, Deadbear is derived from "Fredbear". He even calls himself "A dead Fredbear", further sealing the name.

-In his database entry, Deadbear is revealed to have tooken over the database and to be the one who captured Rose and Jerry. Of course, should the player have fixed Mariah Smith, they would've already gotten this information.

-His music box song is actually a version the Funeral March.

-Like Clarissa and Mad Jack, Deadbear is a sorcerer able to levitate, use elemental magic, etc.

-Deadbear was the one who turned Lindsay into a Manifest member before, shortly, she was murdered.


"You cutting dogs, you stand in my way, therefore, you either move aside or die!" -To the Cutting Crew.

"RM. You are weak. Do not let those fools change you into a CC member. Know that you will not win. You cannot kill what is already dead." -To RM about his alliance.

"The destruction has arrived....The decaying and the dead walk with me, for I shall never die, but always come back stronger. I am a god."

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