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Snowstruck: BRACER ITS CHRISTMAS EVE Bracer: YAY!!! Snowstruck: the last year i didn't get presents (cries) Bracer: I was there! They took your presents. Snowstruck: Im gonna get foxy. FOXY!!! (foxy runs to snowstruck) Foxy: Yes honey. (wut they married) Snowstruck: Its christmas eve. Can you make sure the animatronics dont do anything sneaky? Foxy: Sure. Snowstruck: Thanks (kisses foxy) Bracer: Uhh did you just- Snowstruck: Yep (bracer throwss up) Snowstruck: Im walking away now. (scene cuts to winter palace) Snowstruck: OK The tree is up and Foxy is making sure no one tricks me. You know whats next Bracer? Bracer: What Snowstruck: DECKING THE HALLS!!! Bracer: Oh yeah (grabs out toy boat) Snowstruck: Not that kind of deck. SPREAD LOVE AROUND THE WORLD!!! I think Vincent (snowstrucks eyes are flashing red) should be first. Bracer: OK (scene cuts to purple guys house) Snowstruck: Vinnie you in there (Vinnie answers the door) Purple Guy: Well Well Well If it isn't the dorky little 10 year old Snowstruck: Thats not nice (cries) Purple Guy: And the...the... Dumb 13 year old (bracer attacks vinnie) Snowstruck: Hey bracer calm- (Snowstruck looks in purple guy's eyes and Snowstruck's eyes turn red) Snowstruck: I remember you. YOU KILLED ME! Purple guy: yeah so (kicks off bracer) Snowstruck: You ain't getting out easily (scratches vinnie's face) Purple Guy: OK OK I WILL STOP JUST LEAVE PLEASE (snowstruck turns into her normal self) Snowstruck: LETS GO DECK THE OTHER ANIMATRONICS (scene cuts to show stage) Snowstruck and Bracer: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Freddy: No one cares Snowdork Bracer: Stop it she did nothing to you. Chica: Gross us with her niceness. Bracer: Im leaving and decking the halls Bonnie: NO ONE CARES DUMBY! (Bracer turns agressive and rips freddy) Freddy: Just go please! (scene cuts to winter palace) Bracer: Is it morning Snowstruck: No ITS CHRISTMAS!!! Bracer: Huh OH YEAH CHRISTMAS!!! (scene cuts to tree full of presents) Bracer: PRESENTS Snowstruck: My first present in 1 year. Bracer: I love christmas Snowstruck: The most imprtant thing is spreading love across the world. Freddy: Hey guys we got coal! Bonnie: i know what to do (puts in melting thing) Chica: OH YEAH (chica and freddy do the same) Foxy: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!!!

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