Dezaray is an animatronic Foxy doll, created out of spare parts in Five Nights At The Inventory. His body is made out of a Foxy plush and spare parts; One eye is a regular doll eye and one is an endoskeleton. He wears two small gloves that have claws extending off them, and a small red scarf is around his neck.


Dezaray was created by Lindsay, as a means of killing the night guard by having him slip through rooms unoticed. Alex, however, survived the nights and Dez was deactivated while being taken to Freddy's, Once there and turned back on, he quickly got a taste for performing and took up shadowing other animatronics while preforming, so he could eventually perform himself one day.

A bigger and better offer came, though; Chef eventually asked him to be a spy for the mercenaries of the Cutting Crew, when the group was reformed into a kingdom. Dez accepted, and his current occupation is learning Intel about enemies by hiding in small places.


Dez is a very friendly animatronic, and is friends with lots of people; he does get conceited and loathing most times, so generally people want to stay away from him, though.

Special Relations

Foxy-Being a doll version of him, he admires Foxy and any counterpart of him; Foxy enjoys him and his spirit, so he lets him into Pirate's Cove so he could watch some of his shows.

Merle Chanter-Merle sells plushies of all the Freddy animatronics, and Dez has been begging her to sell Dez dolls. She is annoyed by his constant offerings, so the two don't get along very well.


-An antagonist in FNATInvent1, who can control Watchman against you and try to kill you with him.


-A scene in Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina reveals that Dez is used by Lindsay as a teddy bear-esque comforter; The scene is just before X reveals to the two about Katherine Steel.

-Metal Freddy was to be a silver Freddy doll, but the idea was reworked into Dez.

-ManinBlack, the creator of this page, has a love for the Foxy doll that was the reward for completing Foxy Foxy on FNAF2. Thus, he was inspired to make this.


Let me at him, I'll claw his face into mince meat!

C'mon, Merle! They'll fly off the shelves, I'm telling you!.....You don't have shelves? Well..Get some!-To Merle, about his business offer.

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