This explains why Lawrence ran away to Fredbear's, his stories around the place. This diary was found by Freddy and Bonnie back in FNaF 1(2003). They will read about the events in 2000 and 2002.

Entry 1 19th November 2000

Finally i am safe and sound in the Fredbear's Building. It seems pretty abandoned and broken down. I wonder if that was the time or this was someone's work. I was really scared. I hid myself from her.

Freddy: Her? You mean Chica? Toy Chica? or Mangle?

Bonnie: I have no idea.

Entry 21st November 2000

I saw her today. She was crying and wanting me to come back. I gave up and came out. She saw me and she hugged me. I had nothing to say so i said to her that she should stay away from me. I also found PDTL-96 suit which looks scary. It looks alot like me. Maybe it is me...

Bonnie: He never said that.

1st December 2000

My birthday! I woke up at Freddy Fazbear's. They all were there, all happy. I hurted my self and i knew it: it was a dream all along. I saw my self with tortured face. Then i woke up in the Fredbear's Building but everything was covered in blood...

Freddy: Is this nightmares?

28th December 2002

I had all what i would desire of. I have now nothing, only that suit and nothing else. I might wear the suit soon...

Freddy/Bonnie: DON'T!

31st December 2002

moans can be heared It's me... garbled sounds it's always me... screaming it has been me always...

Freddy/Bonnie: HE DIED?

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