This is a unforbidden chapter from "Diary of Lawrence the Kid". This story happenes BEFORE the first one. This one reads Toy Bonnie as not knowing that Lawrence even existed.

2nd March 1985

My new home, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria. I decided to check it out and it was full of animatronic animals. I was freaked out. The chicken(Toy Chica) looked at me and said: "Hello, son." When i heared that i went insane and scared. Like, fucking scared. When i turned around she was behind me, smiling at me, but the thing what i noticed was that her beak and eyes were missing so i backed off a bit and ran to the office.

Toy Bonnie: Toy Chica and the kid's mother? Am i going nuts? I need to read more.

4th March 1985

She introduced herself to me and introduced myself. My name is Lawrence... anyways, we went straight way to the office, she showed me how to kill the nightguard... i was scared and ran away. She went mad and ran after me. I hid myself with withered models. She came to the room and stared at me.

Toy Bonnie: What? So the kid is called Lawrence? Pretty nice name, Larry.

17th April 1986

I found out that she likes diaries. I decided to hide the book into a animatronic service block behind a wall in Parts/Service room...

Toy Bonnie: Okay, she didn't explain me

1st January 1987

It's my birthday. Everybody gave me gifts except my mother who cried on the Parts/Service room. I checked it out and Toy Bonnie grabbed my neck and he started to strangle me. I started crying and Toy Bonnie wanted to bite me but she saved me.

Toy Bonnie: He didn't write that... Noooo... i will break his leg very SOON.

1st October 1987

Toy Bonnie broke my FUCKING arm. I decided to hide myself. I am so scared right now... somebody, help me...

Toy Bonnie: I hate him now...

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