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This is canon to Six Nights at Violet's! :3


You play as NyanKittyKat. You decide to explore the torn-down Boob Prison, when you notice something is odd about one of the animatronics there. I think his name was...Doge? Dagger? Derpy? It doesn't matter. But when you come to check out the place, you're locked up there for 3 nights.

You will have:

  • Baby monitors
  • A little iPod Shuffle that plays music
  • A flashlight
  • Some juice (choose from lemonade, orange, apple, or grape)

Can you survive?

New Doggy


New Doggy is a robotic white guard dog at the Boob Prison. He is malfunctioning, so he cuts the forehead of anyone who walks in. You cleverly walked around him, so he wouldn't cut you.


New Doggy starts in the Entrance, then goes to a random room, then goes to your jail cell to torture you even more. His jumpscare is him slicing your face with his knife.

New Violet


New Violet the Cat is a purple, stolen animatronic cat. She has gray eyes and a pink and yellow bow tie.


She starts on Night 2 (usually), but sometimes she can start on Night 1. She starts in the Torture Room, then goes to PRISON2, then to your jail cell.

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