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Dori is an animatronic bag of doritos.

Appearence Edit

as i said, he is a red bag of doritos, with blue animatronic eyes and round orange teeth

Personality Edit

He thinks he has swag, while he don't, he almost everytime talks gibberish, and try to 360 noscope the guard.

Relationships Edit

  • Mike: He thinks Mike has swag too so, he tries to be friendly.
  • Jeremy: He thinks Jeremy is gay because he always hides in a mask, so he attacks him.
  • Fritz: He REALLY REALLY hates him, because he modifies his AI.
  • Foxy: He is neutral, but thinks that Foxy is overrated and wants to destroy him (plz no)
  • BB: He burned him. DED

Trivia Edit

  • i made him out of boredom
  • i made an image of Dori
  • His image was made in MS Paint
  • He quickscopes too

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