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Know what you're doin', mate, my copartner Springtrap is watchin' you.
Springtrap Slide Gif
Double Foxy
Game Information
Platform(s) Nintendo 64DD

iQue Player

Developer Scott Cawthon
Genre Action-adventure
Mode Singleplayer
Release date(s)
Download(s) None
Port of
Proceeded by Foxy's Adventure
Followed by

Double Foxy is a 2000 action-adventure game, originally for the 64DD, released in 1999 in Europe, and in 2000 in the rest of the world. It has since been ported to the iQue Player in 2003.


Springtrap creates an evil clone of Foxy called Phantom Foxy, who kidnaps Mangle. Foxy goes to save his friend.



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