William Hardworks
Vital statistics
Position Working as a programmer in The New Fazbear's Fright
Age 40
Status Unknown

William Hardworks or just Dr. Hardworks is a character created by Shadowboy192.


William Hardworks is one of the various programmers behind the project of The New Fazbear's Fright, he used to hear stories of the old Freddy Fazbear's Pizza from his parents. Interested because of the stories behind the place he heard in his childhood, he took a job at the first Fazbear's Fright and worked as a designer. He hoped the atraction would get succesfull, but before it was opened for public it burned down by ''faulty wiring''. With his hopes broken he decided to work on something else, but later he got contacted to work on a new Fazbear's Fright and became one of the principal programmers behind of the hologromatic animatronics in there.


He has the appearance of a 40 year old man. He has white hair followed with a moustache and a beard. When at the New Fazbear's Fright location, he wears brown pants, black shoes, a blue shirt and a white suit.

Social Relationship

He isn't much of a social person, but befriended another programmer behind the project called Barry Jones, or simply Dr. Jones. Even though they were friends, William always thought there was something wrong with him. Barry also always stayed longer in his job and refused help from others. Coincidentally or not, the hologromatic animatronics started to behave strangely ever since Barry started to do that.


He is a very calm, pacient, creative and serious(while a bit sarcastic) person. He likes his work and to help with the atraction, still he isn't a very social person, having only a few friends in there, and as much he is focused in his work he doesn't like being pushed to his limits. He usually types messages of the progress in the atraction in one of the computers in the location.

Day of Death

Not really death, but he was gone missing after some unfortunate and strange events happened at the place. He was typing a message in the computer like usual, but it and the other computers started glitching when he was close to finishing it. After that the entire place became a chaos, it is said that it was because of something wandering around the location. After these events Dr. William Hardworks and other people working at the location were gone missing. What exactly happened and if he is alive or dead is still a mistery.

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